Oct 19, 2014

Daily thoughts - points to ponder on today

Absolutely no time to write anything. Been running around new york to ensure my mom's visit is worthwhile. she has a bit of trouble walking because of course she is no spring chicken anymore but also she has issues with her joint. so we have to squeeze in everything in a span of 1 week. Anyway here is something i shared on my facebook wall today:

generosity is relative. a person can give you a million dollars and he can still be called selfish. on the other hand, a poor man can give 100 bucks and be called the most generous man on earth. so how do we gauge who is who? its all in the motive, whats in the person's heart. The million dollar donor could be a thief, trying to use a ruse of philanthropy to cover up his corruption. the generous lad on the other hand, could be someone who despite not being wealthy, just sincerely wants to help because he knows how it feels to be truly hard up. you are lucky if you know someone who is just like the latter.