Sep 27, 2009

Cat diaries (before Dapper's exam)

Damn im bored. What am I gonna do today? oh yeah right i have 15 chapters to read. Gotta get started on that. But its still early. I have the whole day. I wonder what's for breakfast.

 I want to eat that stuff on the table. It looks good

 Hmm but I dont think I can eat that, the Great One might smack me and shove me in the cat carrier again. What an ass. Oh well. I think i better wake up Thumpy, maybe she might want to go play for awhile.

 Im tired with all that playing. I need to take my power nap!

That nap was good, except Thumpy kept pushing me off of the bed.

Well time to hit the books. Talk to you later.

Sep 19, 2009

its a long weekend!.. but its not gonna be fun for me

yey its going to be a long weekend for me but its not gonna be that fun coz I have an upcoming exam. I had the book for 2 months but never got around to finishing. What can I do, by the time I get home from work Im so bushed I just want to relax.

Well I did cram a lot back in College and still managed to graduate. But the problem to that is after every exam its like everything I know is stuck to the paper. Honestly, there are times that I feel some regret to not having developed good study habits. Its too late now I guess. I can see that this habit has not gotten any better.

So here it goes, I have 15 chapters to read and the exam is on the 25th of September. I dont have much of a choice now. I should be glad coz its a bonus that I have 2 days free to bury my head in that book. I better get started because another day is over and Im still on Chapter 4.Ill update this article on Friday. I hope its going to be a happy post!

Tribute to sushi part 2

this is the second part of my article for sushi.

Sushi came into our life last april 25 2009. At that exact day we had to visit ICA. I could not forget that day coz it just seemed to be teeming with so many interesting twists. First was our trip to ICA. We had no money left that day and we were so worried that the appointment would require for us to photocopy a lot of documents. Its a good thing that we had to spend less than 2 sgd. On our way home, we had some quick lunch at the hawker. We were lucky that our good friend Rowena had some spare cash to lend us. 20 bucks means a lot when you have nothing at all. Again that day we ran into the white cat we saw a few days ago.

The cat followed us all the way to our 13th floor pad. So we decided to adopt her. She didnt seem to put up much of a fight except when we had to give her a shower. We named her Sushi. Originally, my hubby wanted Sparkles and the nickname "Sparky" but that name just didnt appeal to me.

I never knew how old Sushi really was. There was something peculiar about the way her eyes or lens looked. Im sure she was more than a year old. But one thing Im sure of is that she was one very kind and affectionate cat. I felt her warmth and gratitude to us. She loves kneading on my arm everytime I hold her and set her beside me. I really dont mind it but somethimes she would leave my arm with welts and more than a dollop of her drool. ButI know she means well. I think it is her way of showing how happy she is to be with us.

Over the course of the next3 months, I saw Sushi's transformation. She used to have matted fur and was skinny. Graduallly, her coat became shinier and fluffy. she also seemed to have fattened up a bit. I could tell that she seem more relaxed and happy.

It was just wonderful to have her around . She is loyal, adorable and very very affectionate. She did have her own personality that was a contrast to the two other cats we have. She is indifferent sometimes to playing. She does not engage in whatever fun our two other cats were having. Also, she would gobble so much food to the point of having to barf it all up later on. I tried to apply some psychology to it. Maybe its because she never was accustomed to having food available all the time. She is probably worried that if she does not eat all of the food served now, she might feel regretful later on when there is none and she is hungry. Haha I think I could be wrong too. Maybe she is just hungry, or maybe her worms are. We blew off some of our hard earned cash to get her to the vet though. Deworming tablets and some gooey stuff to boost her immune system. Yes it was around 180 plus SGD. That does not include the extra budget we set aside for their catfood, litter, shampoo, special treats and toys. Damn our pets are spoiled.

It was worth it though. I am glad we gave her the best chance in life no one else could have given her. I could go on and on here about the other things that enamored me about that cat, but I feel really very sad at the moment. Yes she is gone. She passed away last August 4. It was so sudden. I just woke up and saw her with her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a dog. I feel guilty I had to go to work that day. It was a mistake not to have brought her to the vet. But then again, they screwed us many times over. I am yet to find a vet that I can really trust my cats with.

As for the panting I noticed on Sushi,I read somewhere it could mean some trouble breathing. I failed to mention that when we took her in, she had some lung infection already. That is why we compromised our budget for that month just so Sushi could be saved. Unfortunately, the vets didnt seem to have done their part of the deal. We paid so much but they just randomly diagnosed her with some medical condition and dismissed it with immune booster and a dewormer. I thought she was getting better. We even upgraded their food to science diet plus special treats of wet food every Sundays.

Well we did our best. Life was tough, the bills are high but we pampered our babies.

Sushi has been a part of our lives even in her very short stint as our companion. She is sorely missed. She did have some very distinct, stinky turd that really blew us away. But we still love her and we are glad she has been around even for that short 3 months.

Tribute to Sushi part 1

A little over 3 months ago we were at the hawker and we ran into this poor scrawny cat. My husband decided to stop and pet the poor kitty. This cat look emaciated and could use also a shower. I was surprised at how friendly the cat was. I ran to buy a small bag of cat food and scooped a bit of it with my hand and gave it to the hungry cat. She seem grateful and happy because as she was eating the food we laid on the floor, she would periodically look at us.  My husband wanted to bring her home with us. Ive always been a sucker for adopting strays. HOwever on this case, I was a little hesitant to get this one. I was just afraid that the cat may have some weird disease and pass it to our 2 other cats. Another reason was for the past year we have been perpetually broke. The idea of getting another cat, an adult one at that, just was not a good idea. So we walked away after giving this white cat some of that friskies.
A few days later, we went to the hawker after coming home from ICA. We were exhausted and starving. Aside from that we had no money and we were counting the last few coins we had to pay for our lunch. We saw the white cat again. This time it was trying to play with some patrons at the hawker. The cat really tried hard to win this guy over. She was being playful and was even rubbing her body on the guys leg but he shooed it away.

On our way out of the hawker, we saw it again. This time, my hubby tried to call the cat and for some strange reason, the cat followed us. It followed us out of the hawker, to the parking lot, through the playground, right to the void deck of our block and finally to the elevator. We live on the 13th floor. Guess what, she decided to get off that floor with us too!

Sep 15, 2009

Block 731Waterfront View, Bedok Reservoir Cats

I took these photos almost 2 years ago around November 2007. These were abandoned cats by a family who had 6 or 7 of them. The whole block 731 was about to be torn down and a new building was to be erected in place of it. I have'nt been to block 731 in months so I do'nt know how it looks like now. That apartment was my first home upon arriving here in SG 2 years ago. I have fond memories at that area. There was a Shengshong nearby and of course the beautiful reservoir were I used to run at least an hour or 2 every evening. Here are some photos of the Block 731 2 years ago.

I wonder what happened to those cats though. I hope they were able to find another home.

Sep 14, 2009

Hate mails on my space

How would you feel if you open your email and found a message like this :

I received this message a few months ago but I thought it was missent to me and I ignored it. But then after a few weeks of receiving a couple more messages analogous to it, I realized that Ive been attacked by a group of haters. I looked at the photo of the sender and the content of the message. I felt sorry for the poor schmuck. Obviously, he seem bored and anxious to take part in something he thought was "important" so he lashed out at me by sending me this condescending message. Im sure he has a very sorry existence and entertains himself on the events that surrounds his "goddess" life.

Whoever this guy is, I wont be surprised if not for long he will find this post too.

Here is a good look of the person who calls me ugly, poor etc:

Man, life is too short for you to dwell on other people's drama.

Special Treat Day

Once a week, we give wet food to our two babies and consider it their special treat day. When they hear the tapping of the can, they go wild and wont stop meowing until we set the bowls on the floor with wet food in it. Their special treat day is equivalent to me and my husband's "eat out" day when we go to the mall and have something special for dinner. We usually do it 2 or 3 times a month depending on whether we have enough funds. The cats on the other hand, has their special day every Sunday or Saturday.

Here are some of our babies' favorite treat stuff:

Here they are enjoying the mushy food:

The only drawback to this is when they have consumed their wet food, and when we get them back on the kibble, they would ignore the dry one. It would take a few hours for them to realize that they wont be having the wet food for awhile again. And of course when the hunger pangs strikes, they are left with no choice but accept "reality" and settle on whatever is served.

It wont be long though, after 6 days of eating their staple entree, they will hear the tapping of the can again and yes that is music to their ears.

I think their enthusiasm on hearing the can tapping is equivalent to me hearing my hubby tell me we are going out to eat at Sakura or Buddy Hoagies.

Sep 5, 2009

bigote and crew

Random cat photo time.

Here is a shot of  the elusive "BIGOTE". He lives (or squats) at Block 739 (or around that area) Tampines Street 72. He has other cat companions but we didnt get to see them when we took this snap of him. I dont have much to say about him except his "exotic" look fascinates us.