Sep 2, 2009

my first love

I found this drawing during a trip to my country last March 2009.  I discovered that I drew this 11 years ago. While rummaging through my old belongings, I discovered a lot of my sketchbooks and some paintings. Im not really good at painting but I was learning to use canvas and oil that time. Most of my artworks are charcoal and ordinary staedler pencil drawings. I couldnt help think, why did Istop drawing? It was one of those things Ireally loved doing and was a little good at it. What happened during those 10 or 11 years? ahh I remember, I went back to school. I spent less and less time doing the things I loved because I had to focus on whatI had to be. Sadly, I didnt finish school either. I had some personal and financial issues back then so I quit after being in school for 5 years. The next 5 years I had to earn a living so I could fend for myself, support my Dad and also my numerous pets. Now I look back, was it all worth it? Do I have regrets?

I would be lying if I said I dont have any regrets. But Im happy with the way my life has turned out. Given the chance, time and finances, I wouldnt hesitate to go back to school. But for now I would love to learn how to draw again.

Im taking baby steps and enjoying sketching still objects. Hopefully one day I can be as good as my Dad. I dont really intend to make a profession or money out of it. I just want to be able to make something nice for the dining room maybe or give paintings or drawings as a gift to friends.

My Dad is really good at painting but he stopped painting and drawing for more than 20 years. He is my inspiration and my idol. Its kinda sad when I think of him not doing the thing he liked most. I guess he got too busy paying the bills and taking care of us.
Im glad he has gotten around to drawing and painting again 2 years ago. Here are some of the  artworks I found in his apartment. 

My Dad doesnt have any expensive oil, canvas or painting materials but he had what was most essential. Talent and Passion.

Here is my favorite. A charcoal drawing he made in 1972. He gave this as a gift to a beautiful woman. Her name is Luisa. She is my mom.

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