Sep 19, 2009

its a long weekend!.. but its not gonna be fun for me

yey its going to be a long weekend for me but its not gonna be that fun coz I have an upcoming exam. I had the book for 2 months but never got around to finishing. What can I do, by the time I get home from work Im so bushed I just want to relax.

Well I did cram a lot back in College and still managed to graduate. But the problem to that is after every exam its like everything I know is stuck to the paper. Honestly, there are times that I feel some regret to not having developed good study habits. Its too late now I guess. I can see that this habit has not gotten any better.

So here it goes, I have 15 chapters to read and the exam is on the 25th of September. I dont have much of a choice now. I should be glad coz its a bonus that I have 2 days free to bury my head in that book. I better get started because another day is over and Im still on Chapter 4.Ill update this article on Friday. I hope its going to be a happy post!


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