Sep 15, 2009

Block 731Waterfront View, Bedok Reservoir Cats

I took these photos almost 2 years ago around November 2007. These were abandoned cats by a family who had 6 or 7 of them. The whole block 731 was about to be torn down and a new building was to be erected in place of it. I have'nt been to block 731 in months so I do'nt know how it looks like now. That apartment was my first home upon arriving here in SG 2 years ago. I have fond memories at that area. There was a Shengshong nearby and of course the beautiful reservoir were I used to run at least an hour or 2 every evening. Here are some photos of the Block 731 2 years ago.

I wonder what happened to those cats though. I hope they were able to find another home.

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