Dec 16, 2014

Instagram Kikay share of the day - Sally Hansen vita surge cuticle gel

For someone who is low key in terms of beauty products, here's one item I can't live without. I swear it made my dragon claws look dainty again lol #kikaymode #latebloomer #daintypaws #sallyhansen 

Dec 10, 2014

Daily thoughts - Panda mini washer and Nina soft spin dry review

In my previous post i talked a bit about our tiny but comfortable apartment located smack in the middle of a great neighborhood with access to prime locations in NYC. although i did highlight the many things i think make it a great place in terms of location and accessibility, it doesnt come without some shortcomings just like most apartments. Not a lot, but some I find a little exasperating, like the postman who leaves a pink slip in your mailbox and lies that he knocked to deliver a package (you know he didnt because you were home all day)neighbors who smoke weed almost on a daily basis (i have no issues with weed in general but whatever they are smoking smells stale and stinky, like weed with rat piss or something) and occasional weirdos and crack heads loitering around. But my rant today arent about those i mentioned. as the title suggests im here to write a review. 

But before I get on that review, i see this as an opportunity to whine about doing laundry. I dont hate laundry per se, i hate that i have to do it at the laundromat outside of our building. Laundromats are ubiquitous in NY, but these coin operated machines are like gas guzzlers. They tend to be expensive in the long run. Sometimes I end up spending 10-15 dollars for a week's load of laundry because the dryers take forever to work. Not to mention, even the lowest setting can fry the hell out of your clothes or just leave them damp and have this weird old cabinet or worse, dirty rag odor. unfortunately we arent allowed to own those huge washing machine in our apartment. Not to mention the apartment is too small to accommodate one anyway, and there are no hook ups for it. 

I actually like doing laundry. Back in my home country, I have my own full size washing machine that has the washer and spinner. Over here, you need to have a bigger apartment to have a space for that machine. That is if your landlord even will allow it (if youre renting).

For over a year I have been doing the biweekly drudgery of hauling the huge bags of laundry in our grocery cart to the laundromat located 2 blocks away. The first few months were tolerable. I didnt really dread doing laundry. But after I got busy with work and the weather became unforgiving, I felt bored and annoyed with the routine. Sometimes I would show up at the place to find out it's packed. And I just feel it is going to aggravate me more if I had to go back home defeated. I could come back the next day with the same scenario so I I usually, just hang around, waste 1 or 2 additional hours waiting for an available washer, then dryer. Plus some people are disgusting and rude. If you dont remove your clothes fast enough from the washer after the cycle is over(even if its just 1 minute) while you're busy jamming the first batch of wet washed clothes in the dryer, you'll find the second batch of your clean clothes already in one of the rolling laundry carts. Imagine those you-dont-want-to-know-where-it-has-been hands of theirs touching your freshly laundered clothes and probably even checking out your unmentionables. This is why instead of doing laundry every two weeks, i let the dirty clothes, sheets and other stuff pile up and do it once a month. sometimes id go through the drawer and discover I have nothing to wear. sometimes i have to do emergency washes in between so we have at least some clean underpants and socks. 

I wanted to restore my love for doing the laundry (im serious!) or rather avoid all the annoying aspects of it. So one evening while contemplating on what to have for dinner while looking at the bags of dirty laundry hatefully, I thought of surfing the net to see if there are any small washers available. My demands were simple: small enough to fit in our apartment without causing our super to get suspicious, user friendly and affordable.

And to my astonishment, there are a bunch of these magnificent inventions available online. I was happy but a little upset to not have thought of it sooner. 

The first one that caught my attention was the laundry pod. The concept is great plus the fact it is environment friendly which is big to me. But there is one  major caveat (which i expected because it is eco friendly), it is crank type. ie, manual.  I was almost ready to order it online when the husband who overheard me getting all excited over it, asked, "you sure you want to crank that thing for minutes?". My husband makes fun of my puny arms and sometimes refers to me as a velociraptor coz he thinks i have powerful legs and can spend hours running in the cold or warm temperature, but my arms are weak. I can't even do a decent 10 regular push ups. i counter by saying that my arms prepares dinner and wash dishes and a host of other amazing capabilities but yeah he was right. my arms are lazy and cant withstand manual spinning of clothes for 10 minutes. That just takes the joy out of doing the laundry. which brings me back to the reason i wanted to purchase a washer : to restore my love for doing the laundry (lol).

I do hand wash clothes every now and then especially for most delicae clothes. Ive even washed a pair of dress pants one time for work. But im not too keen on anything that involves manual washing. It might seem like a good workout for some,but not for me. By the time I get home from work or a run i simply just want to prepare dinner. On weekends although I may do laundry, I want to also relax and do other things. The laundry pod is a good option for those who do not mind doing their laundry every two days and doing it manually. As for me its just a glorified salad spinner with a hefty price tag. The going rate, the last time I checked, was close to a hundred dollars. So no, thank you. If ill be doing most of the work and still shell out that much money, I consider it a rip off. So I crossed that out from my potential list.

I looked up other mini washers and I was close to getting either the basecamp or the laundry alternative mini wash. But most of the articles I came across kept mentioning the Panda and the Wonder wash. The wonder wash is manually operated so I went for the Panda mini washer instead also because I read numerous excellent reviews on amazon, articles and youtube videos. 

looks can be deceiving.. box looks like garbage
cute and small. see that hose inside? its crap
just an empty box
cats inspecting their new "toy"
setting up my new "toy" on a tray table
now with soap and water . snap, filter and ready for instagram!
the little beast In action!
perspective: its either the cat is big, or the washer is small.
Below is a simple yet clear self explanatory video I found on youtube (minus the noisy unnecessary narrator)on how to operate the machine. Also as a suggestion, if you ever decide to buy the panda washer, get it directly from to avoid the shipping fee. I got sucked into purchasing it from Amazon where we usually get most of our stuff, but they didnt give s free shipping despite our being Prime subscribers. Boooo!


I will skip the product specifications which you can view on this link. Or you can also check out amazon's reviews and product description as well on their site.  

Basic features

Here is a link that is very useful in figuring out which of the mini washers you think might be suitable for you. And here is another review made for the Panda mini washer and other compact washers.


After one month's use of this mini washer all I can say is it's awesome. End of review. Lol just kidding. I mean this machine at first looked like a toy. It's size was perfect considering the limited space we have in our apartment. I ordered it on my birthday as a present for myself (i know most people buy shoes, bags, electronics and fancy stuff on their special day. but making my chores easier for myself is a treat). It arrived a week later boy was I excited! My husband knows. I ask him everyday for the ups tracking update. I was exhausted that day after a run and lack of sleep, but i immediately went on to set up my new toy in the bathroom. I propped it on top of one of our tray tables and filled it up with water and soap. Then I started doing the laundry.

After one year of dreading doing the laundry, I was excited, immensely enjoying doing the laundry again! Except for the rinse part which I had to do manually.

The table fit perfectly in the bathroom where I can set it close to the tub and also the power outlet. Later on however I decided to just let it sit on the floor. The table was just a tad wobbly but I was worried it wasnt sturdy enough and cause the washer to fall. Then I'd be sad if that happens, my investment down the drain. I didnt want to stand around watching the laundry waiting for that to happen so i decided to just let the machine sit on the bathroom floor. That would also allow me to go around the apartment and do other things while the machine does its job. 

After a month of using the panda mini washer, I would like to recommend the following:

1) Load: Make sure that you dont overload it. I know manual says 5.5 lbs but i usually put 2-3 shirts at a time. For jeans i throw in one pair. The same for fluffy towels. For socks and underwear you can put them all together. 5 undies and 5 pair of socks seem ok. Of course i cant honestly tell if that isn't too taxing for the agitator. What I do is I reach in the tub and sort of do a swirling motion with the socks and undies in make sure if there is some wiggle room (before turning the knob on). I also check the drain hose while the machine is running to see if the soapy water is overflowing.

2) Detergent: I know that in laundromats we usually put a capful or half depending on how much laundry we have. but this tiny machine works well with just 2-3 tbsp per 3 gallons of water. dont ask me how i came up with this equation but its an estimate through trial and error. too little and you feel the clothes arent clean enough. too much and youre gonna spend a lot of time rinsing the soap out, plus the drain hose will spew lots of bubbles that could spill over and get your floor or machine (if its sitting on the floor) wet. some videos show the machine on a counter. Unfortunately that wont work for me because the hose that is supposed to go to the water inlet in the machine is just cheap unreliable plastic and it wont fit in the mouth of the faucet. Its too annoying to use but there are tips on the amazon reviews where you can check other users' suggestions. In my case I just use a dipper or a little pail to fill up the tub with water. 

3) Presoaking or rinsing: I run, a lot. That means i have a bunch of special wick, easy dry technical shirts and shorts designed for work outs. I normally have to soak them in penguin wash prior to hand washing them because that's the only way to get rid of possible odor from sweat. ive tried washing them in the laundromat and drying it using their dryers but it somehow ruins the fabricl. Since I have been using this amazing machine, the only added part of the routine is to just let the machine replace the handwashing. I still soak the clothes for 30 mins to an hour. As for the rest of the clothes, i rinse it a bit with clear water just to knock out some loose dirt or hair from my cats or little chunks of food or whatnots. Then throw it in the washer. For items  that are somewhat "dirtier" or soiled, i rinse it a bit, then soak it in basin with a bit of soap and water for a few minutes or hours, before running it in the machine.  it sounds like a lot of work but to me the results are really worth it. My husband swears his clothes and other stuff are way cleaner and smells good. Without the icky factor that it was washed along with other people's clothes (i know you dont get venereal diseases from washing machines but its an added relief or consolation to have the peace of mind knowing you didnt have to share a washing machine with one who has herpes and the like).

4) Get a spin dryer and a tree clothes rack. We had the rack before we moved to our new apartment and Ive used it for tiny items in the past and for semi damp clothes from the laundromat. Now it came in handy because if i had not mentioned earlier, this mini washer is just that, for washing. It does not have a spin feature hence my recommendation to get one. For the first few weeks i was using the washer, i had to wring out the water from the clothes and let it sit in the new additional clothes rack i bought. I usually leave it in the bath tub and move it to the common room when it was time for us to use the shower before retiring to bed. Honestly it can get a bit irritating when the clothes come out sopping wet. 

5)Comforters and big jackets cannot be washed in this machine. Twin and even queen sized sheets are okay as long as you only put one at a time.

VERDICT: My overall rating for the mini washer is supposed to be 5 stars. But ill have to take that half a star notch down because of the hose which I dont intend on using because of its poor quality. The drain hose is made of the same material so i hope that does'nt fall apart anytime soon. But if this machine holds up for the remainder of the 6 month warranty and hopefully for longer, then ill give it an easy 5 stars.


Here is a short take on the dryer. I have had the dryer for a little over two weeks so i decided I' ll write a more thorough review after a month. But so far, like the washer, I am not disappointed. If anything, im actually very impressed at its efficiency. Plus I would like to give a shoutout tothe distributor, Laundry Alternative, for the unexpected quick turn around time. I ordered this item around lunchtime on November 20th and it arrived a little over 24 hours the next day. Of course i found an excuse to do laundry that day despite another sleepless night. Test test time! Please check out the product specifications on the distributor website.

 I wish to emphasize that although the clothes come out almost dry, it is expected to be a little damp. This machine just spins the water out and it does not have any heat like conventional dryers.
Just hang the clothes on tree clothes rack or a regular clothes rack and its dry in a few hours. The size came as a surprise and is bigger than expected but it comes with a nice handle that allows you to lug it around for use and storage. It looks somewhat like a huge air pot and the design is simple but dainty and not tacky . There is a flat round plastic inside that you will need later on to "stabilize" or keep the wet clothes pushed down. Its supposed to minimize wobbling once you turn the machine on. If the machine does start jerking back and forth or side to side, just open it (wait for the spinning to come to a full stop)and adjust the clothes. I did encounter this issue the first few times but the technique that worked for me is to put the heavier clothes at the bottom and not to overload the dryer. Also avoid placing the wet clothes all rolled up or bunched up because doing so keeps the weight concentrated on one side of the tub and makes it more imbalanced. Youll know when youve done it right if the spinning does not seem to make loud noises and it doesnt rock, just like in the video.  

I dont know what else to add at this point except i think the rest is pretty easy to follow. Just watch this you tube video and youll get the idea.


it was bigger than i expected
styrofoam inside to protect the  tub
a little basin or pail to hold water need to be placed under the spout
ready to rumble
dont forget to remove the metal rod before use
To sum it all up, Im very happy with my new "toys". And i wish to reiterate,like most people who have shared their reviews online, these items pretty much pay for itself after a few uses. Im just tired of wasting my coins on those bottomless coin operated machines. NO more waiting in line, no more sharing with some rude, nasty customers,and now i can do the laundry while reading, watching tv or playing with the cats(lol sounds like a corny infomercial sales pitch)but wait theres's more! Especially with winter coming (its already the 30's over here but its not yet officially winter) i feel like a squirrel who can comfortably stay in its hiding place safe with all the nuts stashed away when the weather was good. This gives me peace of mind that even with the impending bad weather, i can stay inside the comfort of my shoebox paradise and do my laundry. safe away from possible perverts checking out my laundry "delicates" lol.

Noone is paying me to write this review but I give it a thumbs up and would definitely purchase it again if these fall apart after the warranty period. I highly recommend both of these items for those who live in dorms, tiny apartments, or those who have babies who need to probably wash a lot of cloth diapers and anyone who need something small, affordable and yet a reliable and powerful machine. Truly worth it!

Daily thoughts - My Shoebox Paradise after a year

We moved to our tiny home a year ago. It was not easy to find this place but we are really lucky we snagged it before the price became too impossible. there is no assurance however that our landlord wont keep jacking up the rate every year though. well if it ever comes to a point it is no longer reasonable then we have no choice but to look around again. in the meantime, im not going to beat myself over worrying about it. Im truly enjoying living in an area where I can see the subway when I get out of the building. not to mention that across street from the corner of ours there is a cop station just 2 blocks down. I know nypd is getting a bad rap right now, but i cant call crackheads when some criminals are trying to break my door down right? Just to prove how quick they are, our alarm went off one time when the touch screen malfunctioned and we could'nt turn the thing off. A cop showed up in 5-6 minutes. Another plus is we live close to a major hospital located just along the same street, 5-8 minutes walking distance. I can also walk to my doctor's office 8 blocks away. During summer we can stroll at a huge park or down by the river edge past the hospital and get a spectacular view of the George Washington bridge and the river. On top of the many great things i can say about our location would be the proximity to our basic needs. There are several grocery stores nearby and a deli at our corner for emergency kibbles, milk, bread and even limited edition haagendasz ice cream that sometimes is sold cheaper than an ice cream sold at gristedes. Gristedes needs to change its name to Greedstedes coz their prices are just a rip off sometimes. Unfortunately most of the exotic ingredients i need for some of my dishes are only available there. otherwise ill have to make a trip all the way to the lower east side to get it. But for most of my cooking needs can be found at the more affordable grocery stores like Key foods, Associated and CTown.

so life is indeed good and i feel we have everything that i consider necessary. In the course of a year we havent really bought a bunch of furniture or appliances out of concern that we wont be able to move freely inside anymore. The apartment is tiny and this trend is pretty common in NYC. Some are even willing to pay a fortune to acquire minuscule homes apparently for the same reason as everyone flocking to new york. The excitement, glitz, glamour or just simply opportunity and a tale to tell when someone gets old one day. the empire state of mind as they say. i wont lie and say I have never dreamed of moving to NYC. I was hooked to the show sex and the city and ive always wanted to see New York. But I never thought I would actually move here because I was aware of how expensive the standard of living here is.  

But sometimes dreams come true and to me that's being with my soulmate and three girls, right in the middle of where all the action is:)

i love ny and m&ms

Dec 2, 2014

Daily thoughts -Brooklyn Marathon 2014 Review

I find it impressive when I see people with very busy lifestyles who still manage to write almost a daily or even weekly entries about their latest going ons in life. I love to share what my recent activities are unfortunately at the end of the day I barely have the time to put away some of the things i propped on the bed like the cats' treat dish (my cat likes to have her night snack on the bed) my diary, highlighters, keys, books, notebooks, remote, phone and pens to name a few. November was one busy month and a great one at that. A good friend of mine named Joy flew from California to run the NYC Marathon. I celebrated my birthday at Olive Garden Times Square with Joy and my hubby. I also tried to squeeze in two long runs and a wonderful dinner with some friends before my scheduled marathon last November 16.

Yes I finally ran my most anticipated first US marathon this year. There are other things Id like to celebrate and share but this was probably the one that i consider the highlight of my month so for this post id like to share that wonderful experience.

Ive been training for this event for 4 months. Prior to the grueling 4 month training plan, I have been trying to also squeeze in some quality runs just for the heck of it and joined a half marathon and a 4 miler last spring. But even after doing 2 20 miles for my long slow distance runs during the weekend I still didnt feel I could do it. It has been quite some time (10 years to be exact) since i ran something this far and the weather hasnt been that accommodating the past few days prior to the race.

but i already paid the registration fee and it was too late to back out. that was $95 bucks which is still considered a budget for a marathon ( my friend paid over 200 for her entry to the nyc marathon).

a week prior to the race i went to brooklyn to pick up my packet a fitness expo. it was not as packed like the fancy race i went to last spring but im glad they still had something for this race albeit it was a small one.

On the night before the race i tried to go to bed at a decent time around 9pm. Unfortunately i woke up at 11pm got hungry and made myself and the hubby a snack. I tried to hit the sack around 12pm but couldnt sleep anymore. I managed to get some shut eye around 3am. I woke up around 530 and had coffee, oatmeal and two sandwiches.

I kissed the hubby goodbye before 630am and ran to the subway because the scheduled train was supposed to show up at 632 am. I checked the app the previous night and it says that i needed to take two trains to get to my destination. the train didnt show up on time and when it did it went local. it was starting to really piss me off. another mistake i made was getting off at 42nd street only to realize that the d train doesnt stop there. so i got on the c that showed up and got off at west 4th street. another runner was there with his wife and we waited impatiently for the next train that would drop us off directly at prospect park. I had an interesting conversation with the wife of the runner. Her name is Rebecca and she was a tall gorgeous lady who reminded me of Nicole Kidman. Her husband named Hans was to run his first marathon. She shared how he just decided early this year that he wanted to try this feat. he said he also just got a plan online and followed it. It was such a cool experience to meet someone who was doing the exact thing as me except he was ten years older.

When the train finally showed up after probably 15 minutes of more, we were all relieved. The train ride didnt take long. finally we got off at our stop at 15th street prospect park. Ive been to brooklyn before near the park before to see the botanical garden and the museum but never got around to seeing the park. I think the trees were absolutely beautiful this fall. I dont have a lot of photos to show though because it was just too cold and i had my gloves and jacket on the entire time. We were all supposed to be at the starting line by 8:15am and we got there at around 8:00am just in time to walk towards center drive and hopefully still use the toilet before the race.

This race was a small community kind of event. The number of runners who were supposed to participate were capped at 500 limit. the race results show that 413 showed up. It was a simple event and even the baggage check was just a small section of the grassy lot corralled with a string. There were several porta potties by the starting line and when we got there its like everyone who was going to run were all lined up to use the toilet. Ive read reviews of this race course and a lot of the runners were cursing the dreaded hill. If there was something i hated more than the hills it was the nasty porta potties. I used it twice, once before the race and at mile 3 and it was truly disgusting. I tried to take my liquids moderately for fear of having to use the porta potties again. Thankfully i never had to use it again. The weather was merciless. It was extremely cold and I'm not yet quite acclimated to the sudden drop of temperature and running early in the day. During the weeks I trained I did experience rain and cold weather but nothing quite like the one that morning. Also I've never ran earlier than 12pm during my training.  I start at a very slow pace at the beginning of my run and tried to just gradually increase the pace but still relatively slow all so i wouldnt end up with an empty tank by mile 20.

The park was very beautiful and I really enjoyed running around the entire park. however circling that plot of land 9 times is a different story. I may want to visit prospect park in the near future but only when the weather is above 60.  The loops got a bit confusing after I was done with the first 2 small loops. i went to use a porty potty and asked two guides whether i should proceed towards the hill or if i needed to turn left and start the third loop from the end of center drive after the finish line. both of them first said i needed to just go straight towards the hill. then changed their mind and said they think i need to turn left first and circle one more lower loop and then go towards the hill, then changed their mind again afterwards. it took them 2-4 minutes to figure it out before finally deciding that the second direction was the right one. i honestly didnt know which was right but i just followed what they told me. fortunately it was the right direction. my concern was, what if they gave me the wrong instruction? i wouldve ran towards the direction of the hill and all 26 miles then still be disqualified because i have missed going back to center drive after running the second loop. There was no colored band on this event and you just have to figure out the map by yourself before showing up.

i appreciated that there were people cheering us on despite the biting weather. it was really cold and some kids with their parents were chanting our bib numbers and telling us we look great lol although i knew that was a lie because the official photographer just emailed me my photos. my face was all pinched and in agony like i was about to give birth to both a human and a turd hahaha.

i have only two major complaints about this event. one was why a lot of people were using the same path we were on with their baby prams and some were even walking their dogs. i mean i love dogs and babies but it was kinda difficult weaving in and out of these people. I wasnt running fast but they were just there like rocks with tiny legs on slow mo. someone even wanted to cross the path with her horse. yes a horse! and im terrified of horses (i had a traumatic experience as a kid getting of a horsedrawn carriage. the horse accidentally stepped on my foot. not his entire foot though otherwise my foot wouldve been smashed but still it was enough to spook me out forever). my second complaint was some people who were handing out water and gatorade kept switching the label around. id be grabbing a cup from the guy who would say water only to find out it has gatorade. then when it was time for me to get gatorade, id be getting water instead. what the hell right? but these were volunteers taking time out of their sunday to be there to help make the race a little bit manageable so im not going to be all bitchy about it. other than that, i think this event was handled pretty well. we had bagels and bottled water afterwards. i forgot to mention that the technical shirt was very nice.

anyway no conceit intended but the hill wasnt as bad as i thought. the hill at central park is a lot steeper and difficult than this one although i had to run this loop 6 times.  By mile 22 however I was about to say ive had it. I tried to distract myself with the glory of having to show off my medal to push me through those last 4 miles. It was truly worth it and thank God it didnt rain and I didnt hit the wall.

i have more respect now for long distance runners because this was not easy. I may not have gotten an astonishing finish time but I was pretty proud of myself that day dragging myself out of bed on a cold morning, putting up with that crazy weather for nearly 6 hours, almost gettting frostbitten when i got to the finish line while  eating my bagel. I could hardly walk to the subway but i still managed to make it home in one piece without collapsing. The hubby was so proud of me calling me his champ. For a day it was really great to feel like one. Sometimes you dont really have to technically be on the podium to feel like the real winner of a race. When you go above and beyond what you expect of yourself and come out still smiling then in my opinion you are just as good as the top finishers because you did your best. I have to give myself a pat on the back and a hug except that would look really silly.

The medal was huge by the way and oh so awesome!

See you next year Prospect Park!

Oct 19, 2014

Daily thoughts - points to ponder on today

Absolutely no time to write anything. Been running around new york to ensure my mom's visit is worthwhile. she has a bit of trouble walking because of course she is no spring chicken anymore but also she has issues with her joint. so we have to squeeze in everything in a span of 1 week. Anyway here is something i shared on my facebook wall today:

generosity is relative. a person can give you a million dollars and he can still be called selfish. on the other hand, a poor man can give 100 bucks and be called the most generous man on earth. so how do we gauge who is who? its all in the motive, whats in the person's heart. The million dollar donor could be a thief, trying to use a ruse of philanthropy to cover up his corruption. the generous lad on the other hand, could be someone who despite not being wealthy, just sincerely wants to help because he knows how it feels to be truly hard up. you are lucky if you know someone who is just like the latter.

Sep 24, 2014

Daily thoughts - Finding my unlikely "sole" mate

When I was in College, the official shoes sponsored by our university for our varsity team was Asics. Back then, Asics was not that popular yet, it was Nike and Adidas that was the all time favorite. For our track team however, Asics was the cheaper yet more reliable bet. 

After graduating from College I still continued running but not as regularly as I used to. I've always been loyal to Asics though because I have never had any issues with it. Occasionally, Id get Nike if it was on sale and also Adidas. In Medical school I still ran every week and switched brands from Asics, Nike and Adidas. I dont mean to diss Nike but everytime I got a pair of their running shoes, the sole just comes off. It looks great but does not deliver, not to my standards that is.

When I quit Medical School and moved to Singapore, I ran almost everyday. Running is pretty popular there but I didnt really join a lot of races. I mostly ran because I enjoy it. The shoes in Sg are a bit expensive and Asics was no execption. When it was on sale, i got myself the first Asics DS Trainers and then later on the GT 2140. I had to replace them eventually when I moved to the Philippines after my 3 years stint. 

Asics ceased being affordable once the running bug hit the Philippines. The running fever has caught on quickly that even couch potatoes I knew back in college are ardently pursuing running. For whatever reason they have, because of trend or health, its still not a bad idea. Fitness is something that I believe will never go out of style. However as is the case with anything that's considered hip, the demand for the outfit or gear necessary for the trendy activity consequently gets a hefty price tag. Nike has always been expensive and i never really cared too much for it. But I was disappointed when Asics in the Philippines followed suit. I never purchased another Asics in the Philippines because the prices are a rip off. The last brand I got was a Mizuno Wave precision 11 which was 3 years ago. I thought it was an excellent pair of shoes and was reasonably priced as well.  

Fortunately here in the US, you will always find an array of amazing and affordable running shoes. the only drawback is that since there are so many choices and great reviews, it is'nt easy to pick out the right one. Finding a perfect pair, which is not really impossible is trial error. Its almost like looking for a good husband. Lol. You truly have to try on a few to know which one works for you (the shoes I meant). 

I bought an adidas and two Asics when I first got here. I paid almost 500 usd just for running shoes. Im not into heels or other fancy shoes so i invest in sneakers. The Asics Nimbus was the last pair I bought. It was awesome and although I hated the color (shocking pink), I thought it served me well. It was light, almost had the perfect snug and didnt chafe my ankles. But it was a little tight on the toebox and it left me with semi dead pinky toe nails. Also it was not cheap.

asics nimbus 14
It was time to look for a new pair because my old ones had to retire. The basic requirements I look for in a pair of running shoes are the following:

1) roomy toebox -snug but allows you to wiggle your toes. 
2) lightweight - but doesnt have thin soles you can almost feel the ground
3) affordable- of course. whats the point of getting awesome shoes when the price is not equally great. i want to run, but i also want to be able to eat well and pay my bills. 

After thoughtful consideration and exasperating experience on reading shoe reviews, I decided to just go out of the box and try any shoe at the specialty store that felt "right". I didnt want to restrict myself to any particular brand that i have been accustomed to.  After my shift from work last March, I went to Jack Rabbit to try out their shoes. The lady who assisted me asked me a couple of questions to help me find the kind of shoe I needed. I told her I ran every week and I prefer something that wasnt too bulky but provided enough support. I unsure whether i was an under or overpronator so she asked me to run on the treadmill. (she said I am an overpronator). She didnt ask me if i had any brand preference and neither did she suggest any either. I thought it was cool because I didnt feel like i had to choose from the usual.

She brought out a couple of shoes for me to try on. I tried a pair of saucony, asics, mizuno, adidas and lastly brooks. I chose the brooks ghost 6. It was the only pair with the roomy toebox. I have these weird flat feet and urban dictionary has a term for it. Its called the duckbill platypus feet. One of the reasons I always have trouble finding the right pair of shoes is because of this. I was so glad I finally found a pair of running shoes that has that wide wiggle room for my not so dainty toes. And it was inexpensive too.

7 months later Im still so in love with this pair that if i could id even sleep in it. some people suggest that you use your running shoes only when running and alot other kind of shoes for other activities. But these shoes are so amazing that I feel like im not wearing anything when I run or walk in it. I want to use it forever but ive abused it to death that my last long run was so uncomfortable I had to accept the sad reality its over for my favorite pair of running shoes. 

The good news is, I now know what kind of shoes are perfect for me. After 21 years of running its a little strange I never figured it out that I had platypus feet and I needed something with a bigger forefoot space. The Brooks Ghost 6 is the best pair of running shoes I have ever had. It had the lightness of the Asics DS trainer, the stability of the Adidas Glide and still manages to look fashionable (although the last one is the least important quality to me).  I am seriously considering on replacing these shoes..not with the newer model but the same one but a new pair! yeah it may sound stupid to some but im close to running my long overdue race and im not taking chances by getting a different pair of shoes that may not even hold up that well. Another perk of getting the same model is that since its successor has recently come out, i can get a new pair of the old model for 60 dollars less. 

Search is over. I may switch to another model in the future but the Brooks Ghost 6 is by far the shoe that was meant for me. It would've been great if it came in orange though. 

Brooks Ghost 6

Sep 22, 2014

Daily thoughts - Positives of the week

Even if I wanted to I cannot get around to writing my daily positives. I just dont have the time. Nevertheless I dont let a day go by ignoring the many things I am grateful about. I will highlight a few of the many things that stood out from this wonderful week.

1) Grateful to have a fridge stocked with good food! I was able to cook a couple of awesome dishes because I had all the necessary ingredients.

Tofu in green curry
Chickenless sopas
grilled salmon with turmeric,lemon, pepper and cumin. sauteed snow pea shoots

creamy mushroom soup from scratch
Kimchi Bibimbap
Porridge and tofu

Mac&Cheese, veggie links and steamed broccoli

2) Hubby was down with a cold but he is now recovering. Cheesecake our cat was also having some issues with his breathing but he seems ok now too.

He looks pissed like we woke him from his beauty rest
3) Did my workouts without sustaining any injuries. Praying it will stay that way.

4) And of course I am forever grateful for another day of being alive. the greatest gift of all is the gift of life, to be in the company of those I love and cherish. For having a great husband who gives me massages and appreciates everything I do for our little family.

Running thoughts - 13 mile run on Sunday September 14 2014

Last Sunday I dragged myself to go out for a run. Im currently following a training plan and Im supposed to do a 13 mile long slow distance run for that day but I was too sluggish and not in the mood to do it. But I had to coz the race day is 2 months away and its paid for already. I have to just suck it up and be as excited the day I decided to sign up for it. 

I started running at a very slow pace and the usual run route view by the river was not as exciting. It kinda mirrored my mood, overcast, blah, boring. 

But I went on my way and decided id finish the run at central park. I dropped by at Jack Rabbit along 72nd street to pick up some energy gels because I only had a bagel for lunch. I didnt even bother to bring water which is a must especially when going out for runs longer than an hour. I tried to look for a small bottle of spring or distilled water but all the food cart i checked out had those humongous ones that were too bulky to carry with me. I decided to just get this thing over and done with.  Normally Im happy when I go running. this wasnt one of those days, it felt more like a chore. 

On the 9th mile of my run I saw a couple of runners headed towards the Jackie O reservoir. I remembered that a few weeks back I was running at that loop, part of the are was closed off so I decided to run on the outer lane of the park. I followed the crowd anyway to see what was going on.

The runners all stopped to admire the view. The hue from the sky was just spectacular so I whipped out my phone and took a few snaps. I uploaded it right away on facebook and instagram and was getting a lot of ooohss and aaahhs and wows immediately. I didnt even need any filter to show how amazing this view was. 

I was not expecting that the sunset would look so beautiful that afternoon because while i was running at the riverside park, the sky looked gray, sad and  unlike the past couple of days. it was like signaling the end of summer. But to my surprise, my otherwise uneventful day and run turned out exciting because of this magnificent view. Its kind of a metaphor in life. When you least expect it, there is something beautiful out there at the end of your day waiting, but you have to look for it to find it. Lol mushy mode.

It was getting dark though and I had to make my exit from the park after I ran 11 miles. After that incident a few weeks ago I never thought I would put myself again in a crazy compromising situation. When I reached 11 miles I was running deep in the park, in a semi lit part of the road but for what probably seemed liked 5 whole minutes, there was no one else other than an old dude who I just ran past. I was scared once again but it was too late to retreat because the road was going downhill now. If i ran back where I came from, it would take a toll on my legs and I had just a bit of fuel left in my tank. I just removed my headset, tried to be alert and ran until I found a well lit place with more people and looked for an exit. That's the last time I try to beat the sunset in Central Park. Running is fun but not when you're being chased by sexual predators. That could set a new PR though but what if you tripped right? lol game over. 

I went to Fairways Supermarket after my run to pick up a few items. But before that I had to replace the electrolytes. 

Everything would have been great until I found out the damn train had to stop at one station and wont go any further. Everyone had to get off and take the shuttle.

Packed train ride
When I got home I still managed to cook a very awesome dinner. This is true love. Cooking dinner even after a rigorous 13 mile run. 
Tilapia with lemon, butter, garlic and parsley. Ready to be baked!

Finished product with rice and sauteed kale. 
What a glorious day. That run was'nt so bad after all. 

Foodie thoughts - Salmon with Chraimeh sauce

My husband bought the Jerusalem cookbook a year ago and I've been looking at this recipe for months and never got around to making it. The ingredients were'nt really that hard to find but it just looked like it was too taxing to make. But i knew eventually i was going to make it coz the photo in the book just looked so good. 

So one sunny day I decided I needed to make it because I couldnt find it in any restaurants in new york anyway. I went to Fairways (were I get most of my groceries) to pick up some of the ingredients I could'nt find in the supermarket in my neighborhood. Once I got everything together I was unstoppable in the kitchen. lol.

I basically followed everything on the book which can also be found on this link

Here is the full text: 

This recipe is from Jerusalem: A Cookbook.

Authors Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi write: “In Jerusalem, just as famous as gefilte fish is chraimeh, the ‘queen’ of all dishes for Tripolitan [Libyan] Jews... Families pride themselves on their particular chraimeh recipe. It showcases the true skills of the Tripolitan cook – and, with variations on this theme, of other North African cooks – evident in the texture of the sauce, its color, piquancy, and heat.”

Sea bass or any type of white fish can be used instead of the salmon.

“Chraimeh is served as a starter, warm or at room temperature, with challah for dipping, a slice of lemon, and a jug of water to calm the heat. This dish is easily reheated and the sauce is so tasty that you may want to double the amount so you have more for dipping the bread.”

Makes 4 servings 
110 ml. (scant 1⁄2 cup) sunflower oil 
3 Tbsp. all-purpose flour salt and freshly ground black pepper 
4 salmon steaks, about 450 grams (1 pound) 
6 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 
2 tsp. sweet paprika 
1 tsp. caraway seeds, dry toasted and freshly ground 
1 1⁄2 tsp. ground cumin rounded 
1⁄4 tsp. cayenne pepper rounded 
1⁄4 tsp. ground cinnamon 
1 green chili (hot pepper), coarsely chopped 
2⁄3 cup water 
3 Tbsp. tomato paste 
2 tsp. sugar 
1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges, plus 2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice 
2 Tbsp. coarsely chopped cilantro (fresh coriander) 

Heat 2 tablespoons sunflower oil over high heat in a large frying pan for which you have a lid. Place flour in a shallow bowl, season generously with salt and pepper, and toss fish in it. Shake off excess flour and sear fish for a minute or two on each side, until golden. Remove fish and wipe the pan clean.

Place garlic, spices, chili and 2 tablespoons oil in a food processor and blitz to form a thick paste. You might need to add a little more oil to bring everything together.

Pour remaining oil into the frying pan, heat well, and add the spice paste. Stir and fry for just 30 seconds, so that the spices don’t burn. Quickly but carefully (it may spit!) add the water and tomato paste to stop the spices from cooking.

Bring to a simmer and add the sugar, lemon juice, 3⁄4 teaspoon salt and some pepper. Taste for seasoning.

Put fish in sauce, bring to a gentle simmer, cover pan and cook for 7 to 11 minutes, depending on size of fish, until it is just done. Remove pan from heat, take off the lid, and leave to cool.

Serve fish just warm or at room temperature.

Garnish each serving with cilantro and a lemon wedge.

roasting the caraway seeds


Frying the salmon
spices and other ingredients
Fish and the chraimeh sauce
Finished product with Asparagus and Couscous:)
I am not trying to sound like an expert but the sauce was truly outstanding. Best of all the hubby said it was probably one of the best meals he has ever eaten. Restaurant quality. Yey mission accomplished. the guinea pig is happy.