Sep 22, 2014

Running thoughts - 13 mile run on Sunday September 14 2014

Last Sunday I dragged myself to go out for a run. Im currently following a training plan and Im supposed to do a 13 mile long slow distance run for that day but I was too sluggish and not in the mood to do it. But I had to coz the race day is 2 months away and its paid for already. I have to just suck it up and be as excited the day I decided to sign up for it. 

I started running at a very slow pace and the usual run route view by the river was not as exciting. It kinda mirrored my mood, overcast, blah, boring. 

But I went on my way and decided id finish the run at central park. I dropped by at Jack Rabbit along 72nd street to pick up some energy gels because I only had a bagel for lunch. I didnt even bother to bring water which is a must especially when going out for runs longer than an hour. I tried to look for a small bottle of spring or distilled water but all the food cart i checked out had those humongous ones that were too bulky to carry with me. I decided to just get this thing over and done with.  Normally Im happy when I go running. this wasnt one of those days, it felt more like a chore. 

On the 9th mile of my run I saw a couple of runners headed towards the Jackie O reservoir. I remembered that a few weeks back I was running at that loop, part of the are was closed off so I decided to run on the outer lane of the park. I followed the crowd anyway to see what was going on.

The runners all stopped to admire the view. The hue from the sky was just spectacular so I whipped out my phone and took a few snaps. I uploaded it right away on facebook and instagram and was getting a lot of ooohss and aaahhs and wows immediately. I didnt even need any filter to show how amazing this view was. 

I was not expecting that the sunset would look so beautiful that afternoon because while i was running at the riverside park, the sky looked gray, sad and  unlike the past couple of days. it was like signaling the end of summer. But to my surprise, my otherwise uneventful day and run turned out exciting because of this magnificent view. Its kind of a metaphor in life. When you least expect it, there is something beautiful out there at the end of your day waiting, but you have to look for it to find it. Lol mushy mode.

It was getting dark though and I had to make my exit from the park after I ran 11 miles. After that incident a few weeks ago I never thought I would put myself again in a crazy compromising situation. When I reached 11 miles I was running deep in the park, in a semi lit part of the road but for what probably seemed liked 5 whole minutes, there was no one else other than an old dude who I just ran past. I was scared once again but it was too late to retreat because the road was going downhill now. If i ran back where I came from, it would take a toll on my legs and I had just a bit of fuel left in my tank. I just removed my headset, tried to be alert and ran until I found a well lit place with more people and looked for an exit. That's the last time I try to beat the sunset in Central Park. Running is fun but not when you're being chased by sexual predators. That could set a new PR though but what if you tripped right? lol game over. 

I went to Fairways Supermarket after my run to pick up a few items. But before that I had to replace the electrolytes. 

Everything would have been great until I found out the damn train had to stop at one station and wont go any further. Everyone had to get off and take the shuttle.

Packed train ride
When I got home I still managed to cook a very awesome dinner. This is true love. Cooking dinner even after a rigorous 13 mile run. 
Tilapia with lemon, butter, garlic and parsley. Ready to be baked!

Finished product with rice and sauteed kale. 
What a glorious day. That run was'nt so bad after all. 

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