Sep 18, 2014

Daily thoughts -4 Positives of the day

I dont have time to get on the pc as often as I want and I wonder how some people have the time to even blog every single day. I dont know if that's something enviable but it's kinda cool to be able to do that. Or even post new photos of the cool stuff I see when I go running or even just my cats. I also would love to share the things that made my day.

For starters I would like to share my Facebook Wallpost yesterday that a few people shared on their wall (flattered!)

"When you constantly cheat, take advantage or take for granted the people who care for you and they remain silent don't always assume they aren't aware of what you are doing. It could be their silence is them slowly withdrawing from you. Then all of a sudden you're not just unfriended, you're simply just not part of their lives anymore."

I honestly dont meant to sound like a crabby old bitch by saying something like that. But its the sad truth. I truly dont understand why there are people who dont value the kindness, love or trust you show or give them. it's not that you expect them to do cartwheels over everything you do, but at least they should'nt go out of their way to deliberately lie, and treacherously manipulate you or take something from you at every opportunity they get. Then again there is that worn out saying that goes, if you allow lousy behavior then dont be surprised if it continues. So yeah thats what I thought. If they wont change, its truly up to you to do something about it. Sever ties for your own good. Its okay to forgive if youve been wronged but i dont think the trust can easily be restored. Forgiveness is possible but it does not always have to be inclusive of trust. 

On a positive note id like to highlight the things that stood out from my day yesterday:

1) Ran 4 miles today without incident. I didnt get enough sleep so I was expecting id conk out out somehow but that didnt happen so im grateful for that

2) Cooked something hearty for the hubby. Chickenless sopas which is somewhat one of his favorites when we used to live in singapore (except the original had chicken in it). He is feeling a little under the weather

3) Finally found someone willing to buy the old iphone 4s we had for 2 years. There's nothing wrong with the phone and the truth is we wanted to hold on to it for a few more years until it fell apart. Its in good condition and even comes with the otter box. If Sprint wasnt such a douchebag and unlocked it for us then we didnt have to purchase a new one. but the evil greedy bastards that they are, they have a policy of not unlocking their phones even after youve paid the hefty installment fees for 2 years. they must be really hurting for money or customers otherwise they would have just honored their word 2 years ago and let customers do as they please with their phones as soon as the contract is over. In short, they didnt want us to part with them and move on to another carrier, because they are just so awesone..NOT! oh well that would be for another post because i said positives for the day :p

4) Last and not the least, I am grateful to the Lord for giving us another day to be alive. Happy to be healthy and in the company of my amazing husband and our 3 babies. they are My world in this shoebox paradise. With a fridge stocked with food and a great fast, reliable (sometimes) internet connection. Oh and the cold water is back too. For some reason, we only had hot water for 3 days. I realized that it's crazier and more annoying than the other way around. Because when the water is hot and you have a tiny bucket to stock water, you wait forever for it to cool down. First world problems? Lol. I remember a few years ago, the problem was not having water at all. haha

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