Sep 12, 2014

Daily thoughts - "Love" contributions of random people on the subway and from my fb friends

A couple of days ago I came up with this idea of asking people on the subway what they thought about love. I wanted something original and a one liner but unfortunately it was not as easy like i thought. Most people I asked had to get off their stop before they could give me their thoughts. I was able to get only 2 or 3 answers from the train so I resorted to facebook to get some help from friends. I intend to compile all the answers until I come up with a hundred. in the meantime, here's what I gathered so far. Some dont seem like original ideas to me because it even came with the photo of the quote taken online somewhere lol. Oh well Ill change the rules next time but for now id like to share these:

So what is love to you?

1) Love is abandoning a promising future to be with someone you arent sure would do the same thing for you. 

2) Love is not having to ask if it would hurt -Louie Y. 

3) Love is helping someone for Jesus sake eventhough he can never return the favor - Ruth P

4) Love is sacrifice - TJ T

5) Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to - Red R

6) Love is what makes you smile when youre tired - Red R

7) Love is putting others' needs before yourself -Maila M

8) Love is a decision

9) (here is my favorite)  Love is waking up to the sound of my baby crying because she wants me to hold her. Love is changing your daughter's nappy so she remains comfortable. Love is hearing my daughter ask me to take selfies of the two of us together. Love is gazing into the big beautiful eyes of my daughter as she smiles happily and innocently at a world where evil does not exist. Love is knowing that the people you care for are safe and content with their lives. is my daughter and loved ones (friends and relatives alike)- Sonnyboy

10)Love is a blessing - JOhn Dee

11) Love is, still laughing at the same jokes your husband has been telling you for years -Ariana

12)The ability to gulp the arroz caldo leftover of your granddaughter after she spew a spoonful over the bowl because she had one too many serving already. - Attorney Joe

13) Love is a happy and crazy feeling i felt in high school. Whenever i see him, i felt bongo drums thumping in my heart. Whenever he comes near again my heart skips a beat like an old carburator of a dilapidated car. If he smiles at me i see flowers everywhere. It is a crazy and funny feeling. The sad part is, i did not even knew his name.- Atty Joe's friend carmencita 

14) love is a deep sense of contentment and security because you know youll never be alone in the world and that you'll always be with someone you care for deeply and who feels the same way about you. it is being with someone you can have a great time with and be yourself with and that person will always be there for you - Brutus

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