Sep 22, 2014

Daily thoughts - Positives of the week

Even if I wanted to I cannot get around to writing my daily positives. I just dont have the time. Nevertheless I dont let a day go by ignoring the many things I am grateful about. I will highlight a few of the many things that stood out from this wonderful week.

1) Grateful to have a fridge stocked with good food! I was able to cook a couple of awesome dishes because I had all the necessary ingredients.

Tofu in green curry
Chickenless sopas
grilled salmon with turmeric,lemon, pepper and cumin. sauteed snow pea shoots

creamy mushroom soup from scratch
Kimchi Bibimbap
Porridge and tofu

Mac&Cheese, veggie links and steamed broccoli

2) Hubby was down with a cold but he is now recovering. Cheesecake our cat was also having some issues with his breathing but he seems ok now too.

He looks pissed like we woke him from his beauty rest
3) Did my workouts without sustaining any injuries. Praying it will stay that way.

4) And of course I am forever grateful for another day of being alive. the greatest gift of all is the gift of life, to be in the company of those I love and cherish. For having a great husband who gives me massages and appreciates everything I do for our little family.

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