Sep 12, 2014

Daily thoughts - Looking back on the brevity of life

A couple of days ago I received news from my brother and highschool friends that our Algebra teacher passed away. He was only 47 years old, single and has no children, yet was very successful as a professor. It was like dejavu because I remember a couple of years back that my thesis adviser, also young (early forties), single, no children and yet very successful suddenly died. I even wrote an article about him and my thoughts on the the brevity of life. 

I feel sad knowing he passed away but it was an eye opener too. You never really know when it is your time. Life is indeed short. 

I reread my old article and here I am again pondering on the same sentiments.  Although I have rearranged my priorities in the past few years and have been in pursuit of what makes me happy, there is still something left undone. Ive been stupid believing that I have all the time in the world, still putting off that plan to truly move on. I needed to take that step and forgive otherwise I cannot truly get on with my life harboring these grudges. 

So yesterday, I made a major decision to bury the hatchet and call a person I havent spoken to in 4 years.  I called, she didnt pick up. But after a few minutes here she was calling me back. I answered it and she didnt know who I was at first. When I finally told her it was me, there was something magical that happened.There was sincerity that she really was happy to hear from me. And she asked for forgiveness. 

It was a first step but a huge one for me and im truly happy and relieved to have let go of that pent up anger. Forgiveness indeed as they say is a gift you give yourself and not just the one you give it too. 

Life is too precious to waste being angry and hateful. There is so much we can do when we do not have any of that animosity. We are more productive when we are happy. 

I am free=)

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