May 15, 2013

Daily thoughts - Goodbye Boomer

We recently got our own apartment. It is supposed to be a very exciting time for me because Ive waited for over a year to finally secure this one for me and my little family, including our cats. That includes the 3 cats I was planning to bring here. And as I relayed my wonderful message to a family member, I was told just today that Boomer, my blind cat, passed away. I feel numb right now. Heartbroken. Yeah she was just a cat. She was blind and sickly too. I want to console myself with the idea that she wouldnt have made it anyway. I mean if she did get her shots, who would give her a clean bill of health? she looked too sick to travel. Ive been sending money for over a year so that it would cover the expenses of the cats I left behind. I heard there are 4 cats left. I lost count of the original number but it doesnt matter. She is gone, and so are the other cats I cared for when I was still back home. I cried, cursed, I still feel bad and angry but I have to move on.  I did my best for her and spent over a thousand dollars making sure she was fed, bathed and cared for. I never wanted things to end this way but even with the best intentions we cannot always get what we want.

I love you Boomer. I dont care that other people thought you were garbage because you were blind and dirty. You are a sweet cat and you deserve all that attention love and even a portion of my paycheck. You are His gift to me. Thank you for being a part of my life..

May 1, 2013

Daily thoughts - Uneventful but still an exciting weekend =)

We didnt do a lot this weekend. We went to one of our favorite restaurants called Heart of India for brunch, Hubby snuck to get new comicbooks at his geek hotspot called Forbidden Plannet, I scanned the aisles of Walgreens for some good deals, we grabbed coffee from Starbucks and then went home.

Ah, the humdrum of married life...but not really. I never get bored doing simple things as such. Even during weekdays, I love doing the wifey things like cooking, cleaning, preparing dinner. But for most part of the day I just hang out and do anything I want. I even manage to jog or shop when I feel like it.

Weekends are sacred to me though. Its officially family time and I always look forward to it.

Lunch or dinner at home or in a restaurant, on  a weekend is special. The spouse is preoccupied with tons of schoolwork so any opportunity to steal a few hours of his precious time, with me just jabbering a bit of nonsense while he listens, means a lot to me=). i  know he is juggling way too many courses this semester, so I dont demand too much from him. IM so proud of him. He is doing so well in school even managing to be on the Dean's List and is getting both his Bachelor's degree and masters at the same time. There are these instances I kinda get this feeling of "inadequacy" because I dont know what to contribute to our "intellectual" conversations. I just dont know a lot about the stuff he is learning because its not related to medicine which is my field. Not just that, his reading voracity is just unparalleled. I have never met anyone like him who loves to read so much. Even before he went back to school, he always spent a great deal of time just reading. His pace is just off the charts. 

I look forward to when we do talk about other stuff unrelated to school, like current events, politics, religion and other topics we have mutual interest in, like Kim Kardashian and the information found inside the National Enquirer. HAHAHA SMH. God no. He would never waste his time reading that awful kind of garbage. 

Speaking of National Enquirer, we think its insane how some people pay 5 bucks for each issue of that horrible ass wipe kind of reading material. They have a new issue every week so thats 20 dollars a month. I have a patient who asks me to get her a copy of the magazine every week. Sometimes she even forgets to pay me back (selective amnesia). No wonder everytime I listen to her talk, nothing comes out of her mouth but worthless chatter, vile character assassination of some celebrity. She knows the "latest" scoop about who is getting a divorce and how much the separation is going to cost the couple. She knows who has had the most number of botched nose jobs and breast implants, who is cheating on who, and of course the latest on the Kardashians and Kim's pregnancy. If she gave me the money I can probably just get all the information for her free from the internet. But of course, its not just the hollywood prattle tattle. For the most part, its the "glossy" train wreck photos of celebrities-drunk, trashed, sans make up, and them looking like the rest of us (ie. thank-god-they-are-just-as-ugly-as-us-when-they-get-up-in-the-morning kind of relief fans get) that gets its weekly following. And of course everyone is up for their daily fix of the juiciest, nastiest scuttlebutt=).

20 bucks may not be a lot of money but id rather donate that to a worthy cause or get a good book.
You save that money and you can get a really good book at Barnes and Noble or Strands. Or if you hang out in front of Astor's place, there is a mobile book flea market that sells second hand books for 5 or 7 dollars. I admit sometimes I do find tabloid trash entertaining. but I just wont spend money on it or too much precious time.

There just isnt enough time. For instance, I would look up at the clock when Im checking facebook and replying to emails and Id be surprised at how my 2 hours went by so quickly. So every opportunity I have to spend with the hubby, I make the most out of it. Even if its just the usual mundane stuff. Sometimes when we hang out at home, its either I cook or we order take out. We still get a kick out of just eating dinner and watching our favorite TV Shows. The whole affair is just an hour and a half and he has to go back to reading while I put the dishes away and take care of the girls. It seems boring and routine but surprisingly I just enjoy the pleasures of our quite life. 

And its nice to just end the day with a cup of our favorite hot tea his is Earl Grey, mine is Chamomile before we retire to bed.

Im fortunate I married a man who thoroughly enjoys his weekend just hanging out with his family, reading, eating, watching our favorite tv shows.

Routine and seemingly boring but not when its spent with someone who stimulates me intellectually and otherwise. Baaabbbbbyyyyyy. Lolz.