May 15, 2013

Daily thoughts - Goodbye Boomer

We recently got our own apartment. It is supposed to be a very exciting time for me because Ive waited for over a year to finally secure this one for me and my little family, including our cats. That includes the 3 cats I was planning to bring here. And as I relayed my wonderful message to a family member, I was told just today that Boomer, my blind cat, passed away. I feel numb right now. Heartbroken. Yeah she was just a cat. She was blind and sickly too. I want to console myself with the idea that she wouldnt have made it anyway. I mean if she did get her shots, who would give her a clean bill of health? she looked too sick to travel. Ive been sending money for over a year so that it would cover the expenses of the cats I left behind. I heard there are 4 cats left. I lost count of the original number but it doesnt matter. She is gone, and so are the other cats I cared for when I was still back home. I cried, cursed, I still feel bad and angry but I have to move on.  I did my best for her and spent over a thousand dollars making sure she was fed, bathed and cared for. I never wanted things to end this way but even with the best intentions we cannot always get what we want.

I love you Boomer. I dont care that other people thought you were garbage because you were blind and dirty. You are a sweet cat and you deserve all that attention love and even a portion of my paycheck. You are His gift to me. Thank you for being a part of my life..

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