Sep 12, 2014

Daily thoughts - September 10 positives of the day

I decided that everytime I have the chance to get on my pc I will enumerate at least 4 positive things that stood out from my day.

facebook wall post of the day (hehe)

My highschool teacher passed away 2 days ago and I can't help but mourn his death yet at the same time celebrate his life. Life is indeed short and I believe that this is reason enough for us to pursue what makes us happy. Time to give up the frivolous activities that only interferes with our passion and opportunities to enjoy life. I'm not saying give up your day job, just don't put off having fun too long or life could be over before you appreciate it.

1)Yesterday was truly a great day.  for starters I managed to squeeze in a work out before going to my Wednesday class in the afternoon.

2) I called an important person and we have resolved a 4 year conflict. I am really very happy to have spoken to her and this is the start of a beautiful relationship again.

3) This is probably one of my favorite highlights of the week and not just today. I ran into the yogurt guy who I always get my afternoon snack from when I worked at Wall Street. The last time I saw him was on July 18 2014 when I said it was the last time I will be getting yogurt from his truck at that spot because our company was relocating to Texas. I remember how sad he was hearing the news. I told him that I might still see him around though because I know he is at Union Square by evening and sometimes I do go there. He seem relieved by that though. He has met my husband too and one time even gave us two free cones of yogurt! He is that cool. So anyway I saw him and boy was he so happy to see me too! he even told me he missed me and I said I missed him too. I told him that i wont be going back to that same office because they really have moved to TX. He still remembered my usual order and when it was time to pay, he adamantly refused to accept my money. I tried but failed. this man is truly awesome not because he always gives me free stuff but this isnt the first time he has shown me so much kindness. A few months ago he gave me a box of green tea and even a bag of mint. The reason why this particular experience is important to me is because my friend, Soufian, is a Muslim from Morocco.  I know right now that Muslims are getting a bad rap because of the evil activities of the fundamentalists. And its not uncommon that they are lumped in altogether under one stereotype. But I dont believe that they are all the same. This example clearly demonstrates that there are Muslims who just want to coexist peacefully with anyone regardless of their religious belief. I cannot help but be truly overwhelmed by the simple yet generous display of his kindness to me. Oh and he was also apologizing so profusely that they ran out of strawberries. isnt he great?

Soufian getting my order ready

the awesome yogo yogurt
4) last but not the least of course is waking up alive, happy and healthy to be in the company of my amazing husband and my 3 brat babies.  Life is always beautiful and meaningful because i have these wonderful blessings from the Lord that give me so much happiness and reason to keep believing that one need not a lot of money in the world to be happy. The essentials are those that matter and that is family and being content with what one has.

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