Sep 14, 2009

Hate mails on my space

How would you feel if you open your email and found a message like this :

I received this message a few months ago but I thought it was missent to me and I ignored it. But then after a few weeks of receiving a couple more messages analogous to it, I realized that Ive been attacked by a group of haters. I looked at the photo of the sender and the content of the message. I felt sorry for the poor schmuck. Obviously, he seem bored and anxious to take part in something he thought was "important" so he lashed out at me by sending me this condescending message. Im sure he has a very sorry existence and entertains himself on the events that surrounds his "goddess" life.

Whoever this guy is, I wont be surprised if not for long he will find this post too.

Here is a good look of the person who calls me ugly, poor etc:

Man, life is too short for you to dwell on other people's drama.

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  1. From a guy that looks like he let a camel lick his head (damn that hair is greasy looking) and who has a window that looks like it's covered with corrugated metal, that's a really funny message. He really doesn't like poor people does he? He acts as though it's some crime.

    I know what this is about and this dumb shit obviously didn't even read the article he was so frothing at the mouth about. He said you have no job and no education? Even the crap article didn't say that.

    He just lashed out aimlessly in the hopes that he could impress someone I suppose. What a damn loser.


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