Sep 14, 2009

Special Treat Day

Once a week, we give wet food to our two babies and consider it their special treat day. When they hear the tapping of the can, they go wild and wont stop meowing until we set the bowls on the floor with wet food in it. Their special treat day is equivalent to me and my husband's "eat out" day when we go to the mall and have something special for dinner. We usually do it 2 or 3 times a month depending on whether we have enough funds. The cats on the other hand, has their special day every Sunday or Saturday.

Here are some of our babies' favorite treat stuff:

Here they are enjoying the mushy food:

The only drawback to this is when they have consumed their wet food, and when we get them back on the kibble, they would ignore the dry one. It would take a few hours for them to realize that they wont be having the wet food for awhile again. And of course when the hunger pangs strikes, they are left with no choice but accept "reality" and settle on whatever is served.

It wont be long though, after 6 days of eating their staple entree, they will hear the tapping of the can again and yes that is music to their ears.

I think their enthusiasm on hearing the can tapping is equivalent to me hearing my hubby tell me we are going out to eat at Sakura or Buddy Hoagies.

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  1. Buddy Hoagies is ok, but I like Sakura better.

    Damn spoiled cats.


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