Aug 31, 2009

What I miss most

2 years ago I left my country and moved here to Singapore. It was sort of a dream come true because Ive always wanted to travel. Some of my good friends are also living here and they have told me of the perks of living abroad. For the past 2 years I have indeed witnessed these good things. Stil,  I miss home. I would love to come home one day soon. But for now, I have to work and save up. I need the extra cash to finish school and also put up a little business.

Here are some of the things I truly miss :

1) Barbecues on weekends - every Sat or Sun, me and my brothers would chip in and buy chicken, fish and pork to grill. We eat the bbq with steamed rice, green mangoes with onions, tomatoes. The dip would be soy sauce with lime juice. Of course this is best eaten with ice cold coke.
2) Movie Marathons with Family
This is also during weekends. We would get bootleg copies of movies at Metrowalk in Ortigas and watch it till the wee hours of the night.

3) Jollibee and Red Ribbon
Chicken Joy, Palabok and the spaketchap are just my favorites. Burger steak with rice is not so bad at all either. As for red Ribbon I miss the cakes of course. My favorites are Black Forest, Chocolate Mousse and their Taisan (?) slice.

4) Isaw, Betamax, Adidas, IUD, neck warmer, baga and batikuleng - Yes the dirty street food. I miss it a lot. It tastes great also with ice cold coke or POP!

5) PBA - Yes I miss watching the "balyahan" and larong "buko" of some of our players. If some countries like watching soccer or football, in Pinas, PBA is the local equivalent.

6) Maalala ala mo kaya - Although I am not really into mushy tagalog films a I must admit I enjoy and miss watching this weekly tv show.
7) Mommy and Daddy's sinigang and other Pinoy dishes - Nothing beats home cooking especially made by my parents. I miss their cooking and I miss them both a lot. 
8) I simply miss the company of old friends and of course my family. That is probably what I miss most about home.

9) The Beach - our country boasts of having one of the nicest beaches in the world. I miss the beautiful beaches and the laid back life.

10) Last but not the least, I miss the company of my sweet loving cats.

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