Aug 1, 2010

Remembering our country's icon of democracy - Thank you President Corazon Aquino

This day commemorates the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino or fondly remembered by everyone as Tita Cory. She has left an indelible legacy in our history by leading the peaceful revolution in 1986 that ended a 20 year long dictatorship rule in our country.

It has been 24 years but we have not forgotten:

EDSA 1986

Poster on Ninoy Aquino on a flag and people with the Laban sign

The image below shows how our nation mourned the loss of one of the most important, influential and selfless leaders of all time. The photo of her funeral paints a thousand words. It also seem not too different from the photo above which happened 24 years ago. The whole nation together with a common goal. In 1986 it was fighting for and eventually winning our freedom. A year ago it was to show our gratitude for that freedom.

Pres Cory's funeral.image from stella arnaldo

We celebrate your life President Cory. Thank you for leading the Filipinos in regaining what is rightfully ours. You will always be remembered.

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