Nov 5, 2009

thump thump

We had a cat that mysteriously disappeared on the eve of Chinese New Year. To this day we dont know what happened to him. We left the house to get some ice cream and when we came back he was gone. We searched the entire house and turned it inside out. Not a trace. The thought of my beloved Timmy still haunts me sometimes. The feeling is still raw and I still cant look at his photos for more than 5 seconds. I really loved that cat and his loss drew a hole in me that I think will not heal for awhile. It sounds exaggerated for some but I was at the height of my love and fascination for him when he suddenly vanished.

In my desperate attempt to fill that void, I took the time to peruse sites that offered help on getting over a lost pet. It didnt work. I immersed myself at work but the more stressed I felt. I was on withdrawal and I needed a fix. A replacement.

We picked up a cat around mid February 2009. She did look a lot like our Timmy but there were of course a couple of obvious differences. The gender, the eye color, the "snout" the tail were a few to note. I secretly still thought my Timmy was cuter. But I didnt say a thing. Its kinda unfair for our new baby to be compared to our lost pet.

Ill go into more details about Timmy in a separate article. I believe it would be cathartic to finally let go.

For this entry I just want to share how happy the new cat has made us. Although the circumstance of us being forced to adopt her was kinda sad, Im still glad we did take her in.

Our little angels Boodapdap and Thumpythumpy bring a smile to our face each morning. Its so amusing how simple yet happy they are.A bowl of food and water, plus some little furry toys are all they need. Keeping up with them may be a pain in the ass sometimes but its all worth it.

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