Nov 3, 2009

Wow Meow!!

Guess what I found at Pet Lover's Center this afternoon? A bag of Meow Mix! I got excited and bought the bag right away. Ive been wanting to get one since Ive been reading good reviews about it. Too bad they didn't have it at the local pet store. I usually just get my babies a bag of Science diet and also some fussy cat wet food. When Im broke, its Fancy Feast, Friskies or Whiskas.

On my way to lunch this afternoon, I ran into the black cat that hangs out in front of the building where I work.I thought of giving him some kibbles for lunch since I was on my way to have lunch too. I went to the check out the store and I was planning to get a small can of whiskas or burp.

Then there it was. This lonely bag flanked by Iams and Science diet. I asked the staff where the rest was. He said they are still testing whether people will buy it. So the meow mix bag was sort of consigned for a trial month perhaps? Well i do hope it becomes a mainstay of the catfood section! Id be sad if they decide that its not selling and consequently tell the supplier that it didnt fare too well and has to be pulled out.

When I got home, i put a scoop of the kibble in the babies bowls and observed. The big cat didnt seem to care too much about it. I think she is still full. Well its either that or she is being her bitchy old self. As for the little baby Thumpy, she loved it!!! She kept coming back for seconds!

Here is a cute video of the meowmix commercial

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  1. update. the cats love meow mix. the guy at pet lovers center however told us not to feed them this kibble everday coz it has too much sodium. we give it every other day.


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