Dec 11, 2011

Daily thoughts - Missing my babies back home..

@ a restaurant called Flor de Mayo

@Times Square

Its been 2 weeks since I arrived in NYC. So far Im loving it here. The weather is a little "harsh" for me but Im enjoying getting all bundled up this winter season.  Everything is perfect. I have my wonderful husband by my side plus my 2 baby girls Thumper and Dapper. Im overwhelmed with the good food, the wonderful attraction around me and the numerous gifts Ive been getting. I honestly cant ask for more. I am so blessed! At night though before I retire to bed I think of my babies back home. I know my brother and his wife are taking good care of all of them but I still miss my other pets. I spent over a year in the Philippines taking care of those animals. It was tough but really fun and rewarding seeing them fed and happy.

Like I always say though, I cant save them all. I tried my best to alleviate their condition but I can only do so much. Well at least now I can send money for their food, litter and other needs. But that still doesnt stop me from missing and thinking of them. Three of those pets will be coming here too. It will be a somewhat costly and difficult process but I will do it.

Ill have to wait for a couple more months before I can be reunited with Boomer, Enchong and Fruitycake. But for now Im relieved that someone is taking care of them. My friend and our weekly help Ate Mariel comes by every Saturday to give the dogs a bath and also clean my room. Boomer, Enchong and Fruitycake still stays in there every night (Boomer stays there all the time) so it has to be clean and sanitized.

Dalja and C2
Pepper and the big bag of Catfood

Dalja and C2

Baby Gibor

Boomer and Enchong

My sweetie girl Boomer
Docman and Piglet

Baby boy Enchong


Maki and Glory

Happiness in a box


  1. love this post :)

  2. I'm glad you have someone looking after them. They'll be ok for a bit, I'm sure.


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