Nov 28, 2011

Daily thoughts - A new place, a new life

I arrived at the Big Apple 2 days ago. Im beyond happy because aside from the fact Im now reunited with the love of my life, the two cats I brought with me here from the Philippines both arrived safely=).
My baby girls
It was quite a painstaking process to get here not just for me but for my two girls, but its all worth it.
After all the papework, everything else fell into place and all I had to worry about was getting on that plane.

From the time I got to the airport at NAIA Terminal 1 in Manila until I arrived at JFK here in NYC, it was relatively painless and surprisingly effortless for me. No questions asked after I presented all my documents. It also helped that I came in very prepared when it came to my cats. I had to pick out the right carrier, have it modified, get the cats their important shots and health certificate. Im glad I took the time to research and get everything ready before my big flight. I was a nervous wreck and a mess from several sleepless nights worrying over whether the cat carrier is airline approved, or if its huge enough to accommodate both cats. I was also worried sick after I read countless stories of animals escaping in other airports or worse freezing to death in the cargo.

I was really lucky I didnt have to experience any of that. My husband also made it a point to get me a very good seat on the plane, by the window with extra leg room (despite my protests that I didnt want him to spend a great deal of money on that). Man, after that ride, I had to thank him profusely for thinking ahead. My plane ride experience was so comfortable. As a bonus also, there were no other passengers seated next to me so I got to enjoy a very wide seat aside from the extra leg room I was already having.

I will write more about the visa process and cat preparation next time but right now all I can say is, Im very very happy to be home. Its going to be an exciting chapter for me, my cats and my wonderful husband.

here are some photos of the first few things that got me excited=)

first squirrel sighting

Some beautiful cats up for adoption at petsmart:

Finally our cats getting settled:

Dapper enjoying the bed
thumper basking in the sun

stuffed toys

cats at the balcony

And of course the welcome dinner for me:

steak, baked potatoes, mushroom and corn on a cob
and the Thanksgiving dinner too:

Green Bean Casserole
sweet potato souffle
Today's lunch:

Turkey soup

Homemade pumpkin pie

I think I need to do double time on my running now. It'll be hard not to get fat. The food is seriously very good! =)


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying NYC. The black squirrels are pretty neat. =) And the pumpkin pie!

  2. Glad you made it! Post more photos please :)

  3. I'm happy that you arrived safely in NY! Just quite sad though for all the pets you left behind here ;( They'll surely miss your kindness & presence!

  4. @anonymous thanks for the message. ill be collecting 3 more cats next year..just have to save on it..yeah i know what u mean though. i miss the cats and dogs at home. Im still sending money for their food though...but i know they might be looking for me now. its heartbreaking to even think of it..

  5. great to hear that 3 more cats will be joining u soon! i'd been thinking y are there only 2 cats in the picture? it's supposed to be 5. yeah, i've been reading ur blogposts. i hope your brothers take good care of them. wish u luck in NY! u have such a good heart, i look up at people like you. -a pet lover too

  6. Hi anonymous.thank you!I'm moved by your message.too bad I had to put off the 3 cats move next year coz its costly to bring all of them at the same time.but yeah my bro and hs wife skype with me every night and I get to see my babies.but I still feel sad I miss the other pets in the house. They're all doing ok.. I get a report too about them from my bro:-)


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