Nov 14, 2011

Daily thoughts - The Pacquiao - Marquez 3 Fight. What do you think?

Im a fan of Manny Pacquiao, actually who isnt in my country? He is an inspiration to all of us. A man from very humble beginnings who started out fighting just so he can help put food on the table. Over the years Ive also watched his rise to the famed fighter he is now.

I didnt get to watch all of his fights in the past but I did watch most of it. Today I went over to my friend's house despite having slept for only 4 hours. I couldnt miss this one since I was sure this fight was going to be unforgettable. This is the third time that Manny and Marquez will be pitted against each other. In the previous fights, it was first a draw then the second match it was Manny Pacquiao who won.

Well today's fight was indeed unforgettable and controversial. Manny won and although Im really a fan, I was a little disappointed. Me and my friends were cheering on and even screaming at every round.We of course were rooting only for the pambansang kamao (national fist! in literal translation). But when the results came out, we were shocked.

Even my friend (who signed up for the pay per view and generously invited me and my brothers) and her family were all stunned with the decision. They also said that even the gestures of Pacquiao showed he seemed to have accepted defeat.

Im still a little confused how they came up with the scores. The truth is it is easier to be happy and celebrate my kababayan's victory .but I just have to be convinced that he truly deserved it. The win wasnt "clear" unlike what Pacquiao thought it was. Otherwise, people wouldnt call it a controversial win.

One friend on facebook even tried to shush me up because he thinks i was making a snide remark and that im not happy with the results. Overkill angst in fact! He was lecturing on facebook about how people should just accept the result and that its time to move on and life isnt fair and we should just be proud of Manny. 

Ive always been proud of our boxing champ. Always. And even today I still am. I just am not convinced he won .Im no expert on counting who made the legitimate blows against each other.I also noticed that they seem to highlight punches Marquez made at every round (you know that part where they show slow mo of the "hits" from every angle of the camera).
Boxing  isnt like running where the winner is obvious. So its not fair either to judge who doubted the win.I was just thinking it shouldve been a draw at least.

Its kinda stupid to say Im unhappy about it. Im just lost and surprised  just like some people out there (and Im sure Im not alone) who are also pacman fans .

Marquez is a good fighter without a doubt. I feel bad for him though. But it was the judges' call. And even if Im disappointed, its not Pacquiao's fault he won. Despite the fact Im still surprised of the outcome, I dont think its fair either to let Pacman take the brunt of the judges' decision.

according to compubox:

Well during the first Pacquiao and Marquez Fight though, I thought Pacman shouldve won. It asnt supposed to be a draw.


Im hoping for a Pacquio - Marquez IV . The idea is so enticing..

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