Nov 11, 2011

Daily thoughts - Goodbye Arnold..

My heart bleeds every time a pet dies. And the pain lasts a bit longer when it is a horrible death..Last Monday November 7 2011, I had a small birthday bash at my brother's store. We had a good time. It was nothing fancy. We just had cake and pancit malabon. One of the dogs in the house broke away from its leash and managed to go the store by herself. Our house isnt too far from my brother's store/townhouse. Just the same I find it impressive that eventhough the other townhouses look just like my brother's, their pet dog can figure out which house is my brother's. My brother's pet dog Arnold hung out with us one last time that night.
Arnold a few months ago
I was planning to put up a poster about the RA 8485. In fact I had that listed among my major to do things next week. Now I feel so guilty for not having done it sooner. Here I am talking about how much I love my animals but I wasnt able to do anything when Arnold went missing two days ago. The last time I saw her was on a Tuesday night while I was jogging in front of our house. I honestly dont know what happened to her but I have an idea.

Several years ago I witnessed the dog next door being butchered by our neighbor. I wanted to report it to the authorities and even called PAWS and was advised to call 117. Unfortunately, I was too much of  a coward to do it. I even let my mother dissuade me from doing the right thing. I dont really blame her because she was just worried that these people might retaliate or hurt me if I reported them.

To this day I havent forgotten that incident. I still feel like shit when I recall not being able to do anything about it.

No one wants to get involved. Its not that people are actually just afraid, its worse than that. They just dont seem to care.

There is so much apathy in this neighborhood where I live that killing dogs is like a norm. People just do as they please and not think of the consequences. In fact one of my brothers friends was telling me he doesnt kill dogs but just eats them. What the fuck right? Like he thinks he is any better. It really disgusts me that nothing is being done about this blatant problem. Worse, the current homeowner's association president eats dogs too. I am yet to catch him doing it though but unfortunately I wont be around  here too long to do that. I just hope one day he dies of rabies or some horrible disease.

I feel very sad tonight and wanted to rant on it before I went to bed. There is nothing I can do about it anymore..but this is more reason for me to make sure that the baranggay officials here are aware of the RA 8485 and that it is their job to ensure that people do not violate it. Ignorace does not excuse anyone, especially officials like them.
ll go see our Baranggay captain this Monday. Also Ill put one poster up on my brother's store ASAP.

this was a poster I received from PAWS 4 years ago. Im unsure if the penalty is still the same.

I know this will not bring Arnold back. But I hope it can prevent or lessen more animal crimes from happening. It has been 5 years since I witnessed a dog being killed and later on eaten by our neighbor..sadly the plight of the dogs here havent changed over that long period of time.

Goodbye Arnold...I miss and love you very much.. This is for you and for the rest of your furry friends out there.. RIP my beloved girl.

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