Apr 29, 2012

Daily thoughts - In pursuit of finding the elusive "Tabo"

I understand that habits die hard, be it good or bad.  I was able to give up smoking. Not easy but it was worth chucking a nasty habit like that. But there are habits or rather rituals among Filipinos that are simply not that easy to "undo". One of which is using a water dipper or "tabo".

I read somewhere when in rome, do as the Romans do. In that story a guy almost lost (he actually lost and got his job back though) his job when he used a water dipper after relieving himself (doing a number 2) in the comfort room at work. Id hate to be caught in the same predicament though. I prefer not to wash my ass elsewhere except in the comfort of my own bathroom.

One thing I noticed when I got here was how hard it was to find a water dipper. I looked it up online, checked bed bath and beyond and even the chinatown stores. I couldnt find a single decent tabo. Ranting about it on Facebook incited a flurry of hilarious reactions and not so violent comments though. One of my friends from NJ even said, "THEY DONT DO THAT OVER HERE!" which just cracked me up. Nevertheless, I still looked around to find one despite my husband's relentless effort to make me give up the idea.

Then this (photo below) came in the mail from my friend who lives in California. According to her, there is a lot of Filipino stores near where she lives. I was so touched. This TABO is brand new of course (Lolz) and it came with a bunch of Pinoy goodies like chicharon, nagaraya, tamarind candies and chocnut! My friend is awesome and wonderfully UNDERSTANDING

my precious pink tabo
And sometimes when the heat is out and we dont have hot water, my husband (who initially was so against the idea of having a "tabo" in the house), is obviously happy we have one of these to use in the shower. That is when we do the manual dip and pour with the bucket. Either that or he can be Proud and use cold water in taking a bath. Pride never wins when Hot water is involved. A hot shower always will prevail and thank God we have my pretty pink tabo to the rescue. hehehe

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