Apr 29, 2012

Daily thoughts : Jessica Sanchez has left me in awe and in tears

I dont normally watch American Idol every time its aired on tv. But this season I cant help but make sure I do. I am keeping tabs on a young contestant named Jessica Sanchez. I admit it has something to do with the fact that she is partly Filipino. Im really very proud of her. However the reason I am rooting for this kid is obviously because she HAS talent. Anyone who has been watching the past American Idol rounds would know that.

And yet, despite that amazing talent, she almost got booted out. An incident that led to a controversial and probably an unforgettable stint by the judges (Tyler, Lopez and Jackson) that would further cement Jessica's image as a star who deserves to be "saved". Jackson in fact quipped "she is one of the best singers in America".

This season for american idol is really very engaging because its like the producers the rounded up the best young talents in the land and put them all in this season's contest. Not that the previous Idols werent as good, its just the fact that majority of the contenders this time around are so young and yet are so good. I love Jessica Sanchez but I have a feeling this Idol will be won by another contestant that I particularly like, Southern hottie Phillip Phillips.

I have to say the rest of the contestants are all very amazing. They seem to have their own flair for singing. Skylar Laine never fails to impress me because she is electrifying for someone that young. I also like listening to her because her country style is not something I grew up listening to. Its interesting. Joshua Ledet has a unique style that I cant quite put my finger on it. He also seem to choose the perfect song that goes well with his voice. Then there is Hollie, a tiny girl with a big powerful voice just like Jessica.

I dont know who will win this season.Idol tends to really come up with the best promising artists. But its also apparent that its a popularity contest. Also correct me if Im wrong but most winners hail from the Southern part of the USA. not that Im saying that people from that part of the country arent good, I just think its not a coincidence anymore. If you win the south, you with the contest I guess. The same goes if you must come from the south and you can justify your talent, you are more likely to garner more votes.

Its not a sad thing though. A lot of Idol finalists still managed to make it big even they didnt win the final prize (Jennifer Hudson, Katharine McPhee, Adam Lambert).

Well whatever happens, I wish the best for these young artists. They are all so awesome.

Jessica's rendition of a Luther Vandross song that just left me amazed and a little grief stricken. this one hits home... I miss my Dad. I miss watching singing contests with him and betting who is gonna win.

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