Aug 30, 2013

Daily thoughts - Dont wake me when Summer ends

Summer is almost about to end here in NYC. I still have until Sunday to make that trip to Coney Island if time permits or we could swing by the Botanical Gardens. Im on a time crunch here to at least say that I had a great summer! I really love the weather compared to any other season in the US. Some people find it a tad too hot but Im a Tropical Mammal and Ive spent most of my life getting baked by the sun voluntarily and involuntarily. Fall and Spring are nice too but for some reason I just have a warm spot for the warmer weather.

I am a bit disappointed I havent made any trips to the beach this year nor did I get to hang out at Central Park to have a picnic or sunbathe. Back in my home country, it is like summer all year long except for June - September when we have to deal with a deluge of rain, flood and issues related to it. Summer in the US somehow makes me feel like I am just around the corner from the house where I lived for 2 decades. And now Summer is about to end, sigh...I anticipate the prelude to a long cold winter about to begin. I am not designed for cold weather so although I was totally thrilled to move to NY 2 years ago, part of it to experience snow, now its not quite the same. I got to experience my first real winter last December (2012 because in 2011 it snowed for one day and that was it. ) and although the outfits were really cute I dont like Winter. It takes so much time to get all bundled up and unbundled again. Getting in the subway is another interesting story. Outside its cold so the extra layers of clothing or a thick coat makes you warm and cozy. But once you get to the platform to wait for your train (which sometimes take an agonizing 10 minutes), the ventilation is so bad you feel like you are about to pass out. this time the same insulation that protects you from the elements of snow does the contrary because its hot in the tunnel. Not to mention there are herds of commuters breathing and competing for that precious air. Wet tracks and slippery roads make accidents common too. I almost fell on my face one time while I was coming out of Barnes and Nobles because a sheet of snow covered this metal thingey by the entrance.  People usually put salt on the sidewalk during winter but I dunno if it works on metal floors or grate because the purpose of the salt is to melt the snow. I mean, it wouldnt help your shoe gain any traction.

Snow for the first few days was exciting especially since Ive always wondered what snow tastes like. My husband had to restrain me from opening my mouth because once we were out I wanted to catch some snowflakes. According to him the snow could be laden with pollutants and a myriad of other unidentified nasty obejcts  that could potentially make me sick. He can be a little extreme with his ideas on germs sometimes but he is probably right. Id rather err on the safe side (ie the snow could be clean but at least i dont get sick in case its not).

Running during winter isnt fun. Athough running during the summer when humidity is around 90 is crazy either. I have experienced both and my conclusion is to just run in the gym on both occasions.

I ran only once before winter officially started. It was sort of Post Fall, Pre Winter and i didnt get to check the accuweather channel for na update. I was not fully geared  for the event. i had a coldgear tights, a beanie, gloves and a jacket (one meant for fall). I think every part of my body was tingly and my hair static that day. I realized it was just too cold but I had 4 or 5 miles more to go. I was stuck on the Hudson River running path where I cant get on a bus nor get in the closest subway station. If I walked Id freeze to death. I ran but even the heat generated from that activity was insufficient to ward off the cold.
Obviously I survived but from that experience alone I know I wont have any plans of doing a repeat performance. so Winter means exercise will be at the gym which im not too crazy about. its usually the only resort when the weather is too extreme.

But there are perks of Winter that I look forward to. Mostly its festivities related. You can also don layers of cute colorful outfits. No more reasons for people to let ass cheeks hang out in the open. Im not really into fashion but I like decent clothing as much as possible. Nothing wrong with expressing one's self as long at is isnt too tacky and overly scandalous. sometimes i wonder how someteenagers even manage to get out their parents' front door wearing clothes that seemed like it was meant for their 5 year old sister or brother.

there is just a place for everything and your ass belongs in your living room or better yet the bedroom and not in front of me and especially children.

I dont know whoever thought this was trendy but it's downright trashy.

Lady please put those ass cheeks away!

Then there are more deviants like this too:

Well at least he is in his kitchen (unfortunately it is online).

Anyway, Summer im going to miss you. See you next year.

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