Aug 29, 2013

Daily thoughts -JEANE NAPOLES do you know where your mother is?

Dear Jeanne Napoles,

I have always shown disdain and disgust on people who flaunt their material wealth on facebook or other forms of social media. 


 Although sometimes, i can be a little unfair because these people have legitimately acquired such fancy things. But nothing infuriates me more than someone who brags and claims she "amazingly doesnt give a shit" when the rest of the Filipinos back home struggle to pay bills, send their kids to school and pay their taxes in full. its not because that person is richer and we are not that annoys me. The thing that pisses me off is the fact that this person,who is obviously drowning in materialism, still has no clue that everything she is parading online as coming from her parents' wealth actually came from someone's else's hard earned money. Yes Jeanne, in case your parents are lying to you, you are able to afford an extravagant lifestyle because your parents stole 10billion pesos from the Filipino people to make that possible. 

So before you think of purchasing another Hermes bag, Hublot Watch or whatever insanely expensive item you want to get for the purpose of showing off, remember, the Filipinos are watching. And in case you failed to call your mom because the NBI have probably tapped all your phonelines, you can still monitor what is going on with her on this website. The admin of the site have devoted an entire tab just about your mother.

How does your family sleep at night Jeane?

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