Sep 22, 2013

Gastronomic Excursions : Veselka and Veniero's last Thursday

Veselkas big plate of pierogies (boiled)

Veniero's "award" from Steve Harvey on his show

Autumn Trifle from Veniero's
We moved to our new apartment last May and I have been preparing dinner most of the time now. We seldom order in or go out because of a hectic schedule. When lived in the Lower East Side, we go to Veniero's and Veselka almost every month. I have eaten at a lot of restaurants at that area and Veselka never fails me. I order the same stuff everytime though. Borscht (?) or Matzoh Ball soup and a big plate of their famous pierogies. they have many flavors to choose from for the filling but i always get the same item. 7 pieces for the big plate : 2 goat cheese and arugula, 2 sauerkraut and mushroom, 2 spinach and cheese and 1 cheese or sometimes meat. Dessert on the other hand is always at Veniero's. Both establishments are just a few blocks away from our old apartment. But now that we are in the West 100s part of the city, we have to make do with whatever is here. There is a bakeshop a few blocks from our apartment that has delicious and cheap cakes  I cant get enough of the tres leches cake. the hubby likes their flan. And when I get lazy we order Chinese take out from Empire Noodles. They have good noodles. Some of their dishes are a bit expensive but the food truly tastes better than the other Chinese restaurants.

We still go downtown to get items from petco for the 2 baby girls and our recently added pet, a dog. We also go visit Mom and most of the time when we do there is a big meal waiting already for us. By the time we leave her apartment, we are no longer thinking of food. So its been a couple of months since we visited the two Vs that we love.

Last Thursday we went to go visit Mom to return the shopping cart we borrowed 2 weeks ago. We were already on the train when we realized we forgot the cart. Fail. So we bought desserts for her instead a couple of  extras for ourselves. Since we were down there we decided to swing by our favorite Lower East side restaurant Veselka's, and yes I had my usual=)

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