Mar 15, 2014

Daily thoughts - Wake me up when Winter Ends!

It has been several months since I had the time to write anything. Not that nothing exciting has happened, in fact a lot has. Unfortunately, all the activities and major events took a lot of my time. And now i kinda regret I dont have any posts to read about those wonderful experiences I had the past couple of months. I need to really straighten out my schedule and find time for the things i like doing. This online journal has been so cathartic the past few years and when I read some of the old posts i cant help but smile and sometimes cry a bit. I remember how writing my entry for the day was sort of an end of day ritual that was fun to me. I m kinda sad I put it in the backseat for several months since I started working. Hopefully this time I can allot even a few minutes each day for any entry that to me stood out to make my day interesting.

For starters, I really wonder when this winter will ever end! It has been so cold for almost 6 months. Thats half of a year! I have so many photos on my phone to share but ill have to sort them out then upload it when i do find the time. Snow is pretty on photos and after the first coat on the ground. thats about it. Then it turns to mush and gets all nasty and black after a few days. I just cant wait for it to be finally over, hopefully before April. Its supposed to be spring already, the daylight savings time even kicked in on March 9. A few days ago the weather was beautiful but yesterday and today we were back to the bitter 20-30. its crazy! anyway time to hit the sack. Excited for tomorrow's special celebration!

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