Mar 30, 2014

Daily thoughts - Bidding Winter good riddance.. at least for a couple of months

Winter is beautiful..on tv, on photos, when youre inside the house admiring it from the comfort of your home. But after awhile it gets old, annoying and a real pain in the ass, especially if you have to go to work and there is nothing on the employment handbook that excuses you from missing work unless the train shut down.

I managed to get to work during the days that more than half of the workforce didnt show up because the pile of snow in front of their homes were too high for them to risk their lives mowing through it. Or some just decided it was going to be too nasty outside, too slippery for them to ruin their cute outfits.

I took advantage of the "opportunity" by taking some photos. I wont say it was fun because one time i almost fell on my face.

we had to switch trains. one stopped working coz of the snow

delayed train

i came out one morning to this

50 meters away from the subway

yours truly being pummeled by the snow


Hermes mannequins

NYSE on my way home

You get the picture. Im tired of Winter and I cant wait for it to be over. Its officially spring but the biting cold is still a contradiction. But Im glad for good beautiful weather to come.

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