Jun 23, 2014

Daily thoughts - Catching up with life and the beautiful weather

oh man i always say im going to find the time to blog about something but now that i have so much to share i just dont have the time! cant complain though, blessings abound! for starters on to a new chapter after my stint with my current job ends next month. i cant forget what our boss just told us, we are the happiest people losing our jobs! lol oh well because there is something better lined up for us. its going to be a wonderful transition. in the meantime i just want to share some great photos i took with my better phone.
after 3 years of being so adamant to not conform to the norm, i took the leap (more like my husband semiforced me) and get a new one. my old reliable lg phone succumbed to technical permanent difficulties. it died. we had great memories but its time to embrace reality that if i want good photos while im on the run, i have to also get a good portable camera, ie a good phone. it was love at first sight or touch. now i feel naked without my new phone. i take it with me everywhere, even the loo. lol.
Here are some of the first few photos I took around April. Theres actually probably a thousand more but these are some of my favorites. I took the first photo on my way home from work.
The rest are running route photos.
at wall street. man with bear, i mean dogs

riverside view. my running route

This was after a 10 mile or 11 mile run i did back in April from our apartment all the way to battery park

 After my run. Strolled around a bit.

battery park 

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