Mar 27, 2014

Daily thoughts - Day 1 of my one week of Freedom

I always tease my husband how id love to spend a few days off away from him. Of course Im joking but at the same time but I also thought i could use a little alone or me time. My husband is an awesome man. Very bright, funny, responsible but some of his positive traits also drive me nuts. He is a neat freak, the obsessive compulsive kind, and he will know if i moved something in the apartment and didnt put it back. Unfortunate for me because im the exact opposite. Not that im dirty, but i just leave my stuff laying around everywhere. sort of drives him crazy. We always get in to these little arguments because of me not picking up after myself. Another minor issue we have too is how I feel i do the lion's share of the chores at home. We do divvy up the chores but i do most of the everyday ones like doing the dishes, cooking, sometimes cleaning up and of course doing the laundry. He does walk my dog everyday and I really appreciate that. But I also understand that he has to focus on his schoolwork. In fact Im proud of him because it has indeed paid up. In fact thats also part of why he managed to snag that elusive and expensive trip for free because he is doing very well in school.

So thats kind of how I got my wish "granted". A week all to myself. Yey! ..not.

I didnt really mean I want time away from him. Maybe a couple of hours to go shopping by myself or have some manicure or pedicure at a salon. But it would be nice to know he is just at home after Im done with my me time. Me and my husband have been married for almost 6 years. We've spent each day together since we have been married except for a year long separation because he had to move to the US and I had to wait for my visa. We have had our ups and downs, but it has been an amazing journey with him.

Oh well, maybe this time apart may be best for both of us. I already miss him but Im also excited for him right now because he is on his way to visiting the country we both have dreamt of going to. One day, we will go together, but for now I need to hit the sack because tomorrow I have to go to work. Shit..

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