Aug 6, 2011

Daily thoughts- A kitten named Shopwise

I went to town yesterday to get supplies for myself and the cats. I was almost at the grocery store when I spotted this tiny kitten walking by the side of the road. I stood there to block it from wandering all the way to the busy street. I also stood there for 15 minutes contemplating what to do. There are 18 cats in the house. 6 newborn kittens, where 5 dont even have names yet. This kitten was obviously malnourished and is probably less than a month old.

I had to take it home. There is room for one more..until I can get it also adopted out..Hopefully

I later on realized that the kitten was too young for kibbles. So I put it with one of the mommy cats in the house

Pretty and Fruitcake

Pretty's baby Fruitcake

Pretty and her new baby Shopwise

comparing their size. skinny Shopwise and healthy Fruitcake
Tomorrow Ill give her a warm bath. Im so amused and happy that Pretty didnt have a hissy fit when she found the "stranger" on her usual spot. Instead she just made sure that the kitten was warm and fed.  Thats the spirit Pretty. Spread the love=)

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