Aug 20, 2011

Daily thoughts - old thoughts of my previous "life"

i came from work exhausted.i work for 10-12 hours a day and get paid the basic pay that most foreign workers in my field get.

 ive never been so tired in my life! i have been in medical school and its both physically and psychologically taxing. ive slept on wheelchairs, an upright chair, a disgusting hospital bed, but still it all pales in comparison to my harrowing experience of working here..when you are in medical school, somehow you know someday you will be destined for greatness. a noble profession awaits you.

thats a story for another time.

going back to my reality,ive always believed that time is gold. time wasted is gold wasted. the same logic applies when you are doing something and you don't get paid doing it. They are stealing your gold.

the more frustrating part of it is being helpless because you know that you gotta do it otherwise it will perpetuate a more complicating consequence of going hungry and not being able to pay the bills when you get sacked.

for the past few days, ive been trying to convince myself how lucky i am. to still have my job when a lot have lost theirs. perhaps that's the only silver lining to this b..s..t life here.

Still I cant fathom the seemingly progressive but paradoxically backwards way of life I have. I don't know how much longer I can stand the way they treat us. Like a bunch of modern day slaves.

Did it ever occur to these people that we have lives too? That they arent just the ones who have families waiting at home. we also have books we want to read, movies we want to see and other chores that needs to be done within the same day? of course it does not matter to them. they pay us to get the job done and if not, we can always leave. we are after all expendable. they took us in because our local counterparts wont take the same shit and get paid  the same measly amount we are getting.

they prefer us over them because our labor is cheap but our product is good.

yes how convenient for them right?

they pay for a greasy dollar burger but they expect to get a quarter pounder with fries on the side, a milkshake, upsized coke and a special toy.

i went to school for ten years. I ran for a varsity team to make it in college. I am not exceptional to the point of meriting me an academic scholarship.. but I am not bad. I have some qualifications that would entitle me to a better salary and a decent workload. But its not happening. Its partly my fault. I did not read the fine print.

Most people I know at work are paid twice more than me and they can always leave on the dot.

I am doing a stupid job, getting paid a stupid rate. one day i say, i'll make them pay..but how??as they say.. then how???

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out when you know someone is screwing you up. Even an illiterate person knows when someone is cheating him.

How can i make them pay when they are already stealing from me. Robbing me of my precious time. Time that i can use to read and learn more. Time that i could alot to catch up on things i want to do with my family. I cannot even upgrade my skills because there is a fee to everything here. Not that everything back home is free. But almost every item here is twice the price and yet half the value.

The opposite is true however on how we are compensated. they pay us half, they get twice the effort.

At this point, the only thing I can think of that is probably free here is the bus to IKEA.

to be continued...

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