Aug 2, 2011

Attention :JP Morgan Chase Philippines HRSD Officer in Charge- PLEASE DO YOUR JOB!

I was overseas for 3 years. During the time I was away, I asked a sibling to take care of my clearance so I could get my back pay at my previous company. He was however told by the HR Department that he would need a letter of authorization and a special power of attorney document to be able to accomplish this. That in itself seem to me a ruse by the company to delay and discourage me to process my clearance.

When I came home for a vacation it was hard to really squeeze my time to take care of it.Who spends their 5 or 7 day vacations to work on a backpay?

When I finally moved back home last year, I tried to take care of it. My dad was sick and dying, I needed the money and it could have been a little help. Unfortunately, some of the people who were required to sign the document were not around when I came by at the office. This further delayed getting the paper done.The months stretched into another year until finally I got it all done on June 22 2011. All this time I was taking care of this document, NOT ONE PERSON ever mentioned that there was a possible forfeiture that would happen if you do not submit the document within 3 years. People signed, even derided and joked about how old the document was. Sadly, I had to realize this after a month. I submitted to them my COMPLETED CLEARANCE paper. I found out rudely this annoying reality after I called their department. By the way I spent the whole day trying to reach a live person on July 22, 2011.

For most of the day, I had to be routed to an answering machine meant to take messages but unfortunately was always FULL. When I did get to a live person, she informed me that my document is still in the works. Then after a few minutes she calls me back to tell me that my clearance cannot be processed anymore since it was over the valid period.

It was odd because she realized this only after a few minutes. I wonder if they bothered to even process it. If it couldnt be processed, they could have at least informed me since left my contact number on the document.

I had to explain to the woman that I have tried to get the paper done during the time I could but the people who had to sign it werent always present. Besides I dont spend my vacations going back and forth everyday to have my clearance signed. She however gave me a random jargon about some code from DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) that would best explain this. So I asked her what code is that, but she coudlnt tell me. I requested the woman to check the information with her officer in charge and get back to me.

A week passed but the woman named Ms Remedios (Rems)didnt call me. Instead I ended up calling her again. She explained that my backpay is indeed forfeited. I understood her and despite the unfairness of the situation, I accepted it. I did however tell her to ask her boss to at least send me an email explaining to me this information in black and white. I told Ms Rems that the handbook does not mention anything about it.

IMO I deserve that email/letter.  I worked on that clearance, spending money and my time going to their office which was way out in the city. If I wont get my backpay, the company should AT LEAST have the decency and professionalism to elaborate the reason by form of a letter or email. In fact I shouldnt even be requesting for it.

Unfortunately, I have to follow up and remind them about my small request. Ms Rems told me she couldnt provide me the email of her boss named Maricar Angeles, instead she asked me to give her my email address. I spelled it out to her to ensure she jotted it down correctly. I requested for her to relay my message that I needed that email as soon as possible. On top of that I asked Ms Rems to forward me a copy of my scanned clearance form so I can ask another department (she referred me to a different department) to get my certificate that I have been cleared.

Today is August 2, 2011. It has been over a week but I havent heard from Ms Maricar Angeles.

My husband told me to just let it go. Sure, I dont care about the money anymore, although technically it belongs to me. Whatever policy they have,about forfeiture of any backpay, although it is meant to protect the interest of the company, is acceptable as long as they can further back it up with an explanation.

A few words uttered on the phone saying "oh sorry its forfeited bcause its been over 3 years and its a rule laid by DOLE", is insufficient. And them expecting me to just accept it and let it go is like just telling me to FUCK OFF.

JPMORGAN CHASE BANK is a respected company. I am honestly proud to have worked for them.  Unfortunately, I dont understand how they could employ sleazebags like these who cannot do their jobs properly.

I prefer not to be stressed over this although I admit I was rankled by it a few days ago. That money could have been for my cats' air fare. 4 cats, 200 USD each. Thats big money. Thats little for Chase Bank though, and yet they wont part with it. That money is probably what they use to pay idiots who work for their Human Resource Salary Department.

Guys be fair to the bank because they are paying you to do your job.

DOLE emailed me a few days ago.

trunkline 9085000 local 67076

I may just drop his issue, but still, Ill let their main office know.


  1. Follow up: I have finally heard from HRSD oic and I am glad I brought this issue to the attention of the main office. I will update this blog with a follow up once issue is resolved. Im grateful to Ms Maricar Angeles for finally following up on this matter.

  2. this issue has been resolved. will write a separate post about it.

  3. i've alsways known chase as a fair company. what was the resolution?

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