Apr 16, 2013

Daily thoughts - The Boston Marathon Nightmare

This is one among the few elite, elusive, hard to qualify, yet to die for (figuratively), marathon events in the country. People from from all over the US and the world prepare for months and some even years to make it to this prestigious race. I am among these vast number of hopefuls training every month aspiring one day to take part in one of the most talked about running celebrations held annually. I didn't make the cut this year nor last, so I have to train more religiously for a few couple small shorter races in NYC, progressing to local state marathons, before eyeing the bigger leagues like the NYC and BOSTON marathons.

Last year a bunch of people were disappointed that the NYC Marathon didnt push through because it was a couple of days only after the wake of the Sandy hurricane. This time a worse kind of tragedy struck another marathon event.

I dreamt for years of running this and the NYC races, but that was before today. I am not sure anymore.

The Boston Marathon will never be same way because of what just happened today. Twitter and Facebook are on the brink of crashing due to heavy traffic about this topic. Both platforms were swarming initially with messages of sympathy and sadness and now its overflowing with condemnation of some religious sects. Its crazy! They havent even named a suspect yet and people are already pointing fingers. This is a total disaster on many levels.

People who ran the race are still in shock. Some relatives and friends of the runners are crying and horrified instead of celebrating this supposed day of triumph because finishing a distance of 26.2 miles is one daunting feat. Yet in this case, this will be more a day of mourning, sadness and let us admit, anger.

I am still in shock myself and I bet the rest of the world. I just saw a man on the news with his legs all torn up, a sidewalk covered in blood. Bodies immobilized by the blast. 2 confirmed deaths and over a hundred hurt. Its heartbreaking...God Bless this country.

NEWS about the explosion:





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