Apr 12, 2013

Daily thoughts - ALERT on the plight of beautiful AMBER

my "pigbull" Lazybone. 

I love pitbulls. I had a dog named Lazybone who unfortunately passed away in 08. He was the sweetest dog I ever had. A contradiction to the popular notion that pitbulls are dangerous. I wrote a post about it awhile back.

2 days ago I wrote a brief post about my friend's cry for help about a pitbull from NJ. He volunteers for this shelter called NJCAS (North Jersey Community Animal Shelter) and has a personal account on his interaction with the said dog and vouches that Amber is not a biter. Click this link to read the whole story.

Follow up on the story,  "a local resident was denied to see Amber, or any dog...that's a public facility and the ACO is a public official"

This is odd unless, Amber has already been put down. Kinda  reminiscent of Lennox, a pitbull looking dog from Belfast Ireland. Needless to say, Lennox met a tragic end despite a global outcry.

My friend said he sent an inquiry again to NJCAS about Amber's status and stated that he is a member of the public asking them, who are public employees about a dog, nothing else, and they must answer. Unfortunately, to no avail. 

Instead this is what he got in his inbox:

The Borough Attorney for Bloomingdale, where the shelter is located, sent me a mild threat. My reply follows beliow. Here it is:


Dear Mr. Teodaro

This office serves as the Municipal Attorney for the 
Borough of Bloomingdale and it is in that capacity 
we have been consulted about the aforementioned 
matter. I have been provided with your recent emails
you have sent to the Borough’s animal control officer.
In particular your recent email states as

. The whole world just might come down on 
your head if you act hastily.

Such communication is likely to make Lisa Perry, the 
Animal Control officer, concerned about her safety 
and candidly it is inappropriate . Accordingly it is the
Borough’s responsibility that our employee has the 
ability to work in a safe environment where there are 
not any type of direct or indirect threats of physical harm.

Therefore, on behalf of the Borough, in order to provide 
a safe workplace environment , I am requesting that 
you immediately cease from emailing and communicating 
with Lisa Perry . In the meantime I will continue to monitor 
this matter on behalf of the Borough and consider all 
legal options.

Very Truly Yours

Fred Semrau
Attorney for the Borough of Bloomingdale.


Get Real.

I know my rights and I am quite familiar with the law. 
You don't scare me. If you feel Ms. Perry should work in 
a safe environment, then you get your head in the game. 

Evidently, you don't understand us who work with animals 
professionally or in a voluntary capacity. Animal control and
shelter work have their intrinsic psychological challenges and
physical dangers, much more so than working in a law office 
churning out proforma letters.

Hey, saber-rattling aside, we have a nice pit bull at the no-kill 
shelter in Bergen County, would you be interested? 



Mr Ted still managed to show some sense of humor despite the hostility on the email he received (the words Attorney and legal option in a letter are supposed to incite the following reactions :cringe, shudder, hide!).

I wonder what NJCAS is hiding. Why the need to lawyer up when all the public wants to know is the status of Amber's condition. I rankle at the thought of how some people are incapable of just being transparent and would use stonewalling and intimidation instead. We simply want to know Amber's condition.

We have emailed the mayor and cc Ms Perry and we have not received any updates. Is this meant to make us just forget our cause and be tractable citizens shoved to a corner? 

What happened to Lennox in Ireland was a disgrace and the world got to know about it. Lennox birthday is on April 8 coincidentally same day when the article about Amber was penned and later posted on Mr Teodoro's blog. I wonder what the public's reaction would be if they find out that Amber met the same fate as Lennox, considering there was an outpouring of support for Lennox from a group in NYC.

In honor of Lennox and other animals like Amber whose voice can be heard only through us rallying for them, please help us find out whether Amber is still alive,and if she is, be given the chance to be evaluated.

Please visit NJCAS facebook page to see more photos of Amber.

Disclaimer : This post is not meant to villify NJCAS or any of the names mentioned who are assisting NJCAS. We just want answers. Thank you.

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