Apr 23, 2010

Lazy Bone - my adorable "Pigbull"

In September 2001 my eldest brother Elger took home a pitbull. My youngest brother Pete named him Lazy bone. Well Pete is a huge fan of bone thugz and harmony and thought it would be neat to name him after one of the singers..hehe the name was apt coz our new baby slept most of the time.

Lazy bone is a purebred show dog. We never brought him to any tournaments but the person where Elger got him from has papers to prove of Lazy's lineage. I didnt really care too much about that though. I usually like animals who are mongrels or strays because I thought they needed more love and affection. People Ive met are sometimes surprised when I bring my stray cat or "pusakal" (meaning pusang kalye -street cat)to a vet. Sometimes even the vet would be suprised that I even bothered to bring an "ordinary" cat to get shots or be treated. Crazy right? Who says strays should be neglected?

On the other hand, with Lazybone we usually get a lot of "ooohh" and "aaahhh" from vets and pet lovers alike. They seem impressed we took in a pitbull for a pet.

The reason is obvious. Pit bulls have quite of a reputation. Like this fella in the photo. Do you want to take him home?

Well, the history is that pitbulls are not tame. In some countries or states in the USA, they do not even allow pitbulls to roam the streets. I dont know if its true but I heard that there is a state in the usa that if they find you strolling with a pitbull, the cop can shoot your dog and arrest you as well. How true? Im not sure. But hell Im glad I live in a country where they dont have those kind of regulations.
Anyway going back, pitbulls are regarded as fighting dogs. I wont go into the history or details because it's gonna use up most of the space here, but for further information, click on this link:

The site even offers information on places where pitbulls are "banned".

So the stigma of Pitbulls as being dangerous and fierce was actually alien to me. I am not really a dog enthusiast. I don't mind having them around but they do terrify me at some scale. I remember being bitten by a German Shepherd on February 14, 1987. I couldn't forget it. I guess you dont forget events like that because at that time I was counting the years before I would succumb to the "latent-activated-years-later" rabies. So far its has been 23 years and Im still alive.

As I was saying, I didnt know much of these information about pitbulls until I told people I had a pitbull at home. The thing is, everything I heard, especially the negative so called "traits" never really manifested. I dont know if its because of Lazybone's not being exposed to cruel owners. He is a real sweetheart. In fact as you can see on the topmost photo, he does not mind that my cats use him as an alternative bed.

The first time I had to give him a bath, I was really hesitant and scared of course. I was terrorized by the thought that this kind of breed would bite my face off and in a lockjaw manner. By the time he was done munching my skin or head, I would be dead not because of the rabies, or injuries but more of the shock.

Strangely Lazy really loved getting baths. In fact, when he sees me getting ready with the pail and shampoo, he gets up from his sleep and stares at me longingly.

He would make a squeaky voice when I made fun of him at bath time. I hate the part where he is full of suds and he would shake it off. When he was done, its looks more as if it was my bath time.

When I go jogging around our neighborhood, I'd take him with me too. But a warning, pitbulls have a short "exercise" span. I dont know actually if this applies to all but when I do jog, after 10minutes, Lazy would just stop. He does'nt care if you want to go walk back home. He will just sit and stare at you. You will literally have to drag him because he won't budge unless you pretend to hit him with a stick if he wo'nt get up. But I never really hit him. I cant resist Lazy's charm. I usually wait until he decides it is time to go home. By the time we get home, I feel more tired than energized from my run. He would throw me one those bitch-I-told-you-I dont want to run- looks.

Lazy bone, like my other furry babies, was the highlight of my day. Even though my paycheck was barely enough for me, a part of it was allocated for his food and bath stuff. Come on, just look at him, can you resist him?

Most people I know would not consider taking in a pitbull as a pet. Well after my experience with having 3 pitbulls, I would say the pet takes after its owner. Not that Im irresistible..haha The "it is its nature to kill" type of thing didnt seem to exist here. Still, I would say it would be best to exercise on the side of caution for those planning to get pitbulls for pets.

I miss Lazy very much. When I went home last year 2009, I knew it was gonna be the last time I'll see him alive. He lost a lot of weight. He seemed to be in a state of stupor that really bothered me. He didnt have those twinkle in his eyes anymore. On top of that, he looked neglected because ticks were everywhere. He had this emaciated look that told me the reaper was just around the corner to pick him up. Although I was on a budget constraint, I had to get him a shot of frontline to alleviate his suffering a bit. I felt terrible leaving him behind like that. I actually feel that way when most of my pets died since I left the Philippines. That was a big price to pay for leaving. At that time I was seduced by the financial promise and the excitement of experiencing life at a different place. I wouldnt say Im regretful. A lot of good things did happen and I met the love of my life while on this stint abroad. But losing my pets because of the separation anxiety I caused and the neglect, would linger on my conscience for a while. Lazybone left us on October 2009. It was sad but me and my husband consoled ourself with the idea that he is in a better place where he won't go hungry and ignored again. We miss our "Pigbull" a lot. Well this post isnt supposed to be a sad one. I celebrate his life. ...

Missing you baby boy=)

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