Apr 24, 2010

daily thoughts - a long day and a long night

I slept for around 8 hours last night which is supposed to be great. My plan was to utilize the day to study and finish my book. But then I remembered that our cat Marble had to be brought to the vet. We adopted another stray cat a month ago. She is really sweet and has won us over. It was hard to ignore her especially because I had to pass by the void deck (near white sands) on my way home. So despite our financial hardship at the moment, we took the plunge and brought her home.

The problem is, our older cat Thumper hates her. We thought that in a month's time, she would warm up to Marble. Unfortunately it seems to get worse by the day. Last Sunday (18.04.10), we went out to have dinner at the hawker. We were gone for probably 15-20 minutes. When we came back, there was fur all over the floor. I thought it was nothing serious. Usually when me and my hubby would go out, we would come home and find fur on the floor and scratch marks on Thumper. So we thought it was just like those days. But then I saw blood dripping from Marble's chin. So I inspected it and there was blood everywhere. The bedsheets had blood on it too. We wiped her wound with saline solution that night. The next few days, we didnt notice anything since Marble had appetite and was still playful. But yesterday I saw that she seem fatter. I meant her face looked bigger. I looked closer and I realized there was this lump on her cheek. Today it was even bigger. It is the size of a golfball! I looked it up on the internet and found that she has developed an abscess because of the infection.

So we brought her to the same vet who gave the vaccination a few weeks ago. Ill write another post about that Vet clinic. The people there are wonderful and they dont seem to overcharge like most clinics here. Ive called up several Pet clinics in the East area and their going rate is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the vet told us that she has to take antibiotics for the next few days and we have to clean her wound 3x a day. The doctor also gave her a shot for the lump and also a pill to make her fever go down. The reading taken today on her temperature was rather high. It was 40.1 celsius. The normal body temperature of a cat is 100.5º to 102.5ºF (38.0º - 39.2ºC).

I also looked up some info on google on additional information how to manage Marble's condition.

Marble is home now but it took us at least an hour to get everything done over at the pet clinic before getting home. After getting home, we wound up looking around Tampines Mall for a laptop fan and also some backpacks. We also had dinner at Pastamania before we went to get some cat kibbles. The Pet Lovers Centre was already closed so we ended up getting a fancy feast small packet at Fair Price. We normally get either Meow MIx or Science Diet.

By the time we got home, it was close to 11PM. Now its 1239 AM and Im about to get ready to start reading. So there things for me today didnt really turn out as planned. My supposed 5 day goal to cram has been reduced to 4.

The day was very eventful, tiring but kind of exciting. We are getting things done one at a time but it seems to all be falling into place. In less than two weeks time also we will be going home to the Philippines. The cats will be relocated there. As for me I ll be spending an almost 3 week vacation before going back here to work.

For now, I have to get started reading my damn book because time is running out...

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