Mar 14, 2010

Mini Marble is finally home

Last Sunday I went to the void deck near White Sands to give Mini Marble her daily treats. The next day March 8, she was gone. I came back that night with some goodies but I still could'nt find her. A week passed by and we have almost lost hope of finding her. It was heartbreaking for me and my husband who have both grown really fond of her. Not just that, the new friends we have who also share the same love and affection for our precious cat, also felt the same way.
My friend Lisa's mom and the caregiver Florence looked around for Marmie. They couldnt find her though.

I was contemplating on adopting her last month but I havent raised the money to pay for her shots so I put it off till this month. Then she just disappeared.
The whole week I felt guilty for not having picked her up when I had the chance. My husband felt terrible too for dissuading me to bring her home last Sunday. But still it wasnt really our fault. Finances are tight now and although we have the best of intentions we feel that its not a good idea to just drastically decide withouth thinking it over.

We did agree however this week that if by some miracle she ever comes back, we will seize that opportunity and never let her out of our sight again.

And just like that this evening when I checked my facebook, my friend Lisa's sister sent me a message telling me that Marmie is back!

Me and my husband didnt think of the dwindling funds. We know it will arrive soon and God will help us with that. For now we knew that Marmie was back and we just had to take her home with us=)

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