Mar 29, 2010

The search is over..for Kinder Eggs!

Yesterday me and my hubby were at the Tampines One Mall ogling at food. We first had a nice meal at Manpuku. Had our favorite Shoyu Cha shu Ramen and Gyoza then we started looking for desserts. We bought a bunch of Bread at Yamazaki (which turned out great by the way) and then we looked around cold storage for more treats.

And yes in one lonely section with other mashed chocolates (literally some were poked and squashed) we found the kinder egg we have been looking for for months.

I wrote an entry months ago about it expressing my despair and "sadness"for not finding the real kinder egg.

We did find some at the airport a few months back but I couldnt really afford to buy the whole box. So I just pretended I didnt see it..sniff sniff.

Oh well time to rejoice now ! They are selling it by the piece at Cold Storage. I wouldnt say its cheap but at least for those who havent tried it yet, you can get one. If you find it nice then you can get an entire box at Changi. I forgot how much it costs but its a bit cheaper of course when you buy it in bulk.

Cant wait to check out the toy!=)

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