Mar 25, 2010

Daily thoughts on things to be grateful for

Last monday my dad was wheeled in to the ICU. He was suffering from edema on his entire body including his face and he had a hard time breathing. My Dad has a condition called CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). I admit it was a touch and go moment. I was frantic and could not focus at work. My faith was tested. . I was so worried and guilty because I was too far away and couldnt do much but pray. Apart from that problem, my financial issues is making it difficult for me to get a ticket to go home next week. Its a public holiday on April 2 and I was hoping to use that long weekend to see my dad. But all my hopes have been crushed by the prices of the ticket even by budget airlines like jetstar and tiger airways. Sending the money seem more practical at this point. I love my Dad but I know the bills arent going to be cheap too. I wouldnt want my Mom to take the toll on all this. She has retired and times are hard back home.

So I did some quiet time and prayed. I also told good friends to pray for my Dad. I heard from my brother today that my Dad is being moved to the Private ward and that his swollen face has subsided. He is still having labored breathing but he was out of danger. It made my day.

Today was a little bumpy. Work was a bit stressful, cats are out of food, Im almost out of cash. But there are plenty of reasons to smile. God is and has always been gracious. When things are about to hit rock bottom, it never does. He always answers my prayers.

Im truly happy to have a wonderful family. This experience has brought us even closer and it made us realize the essence of being a family especially in crucial moments as such.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful day and blessed week =) You never fail me.

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