Mar 19, 2010

A taste of Home - Tapa King in Singapore!

I was in a hurry to go to work today and was running late. Usually when someone hands me a flier as I get off the MRT I just take it, give it a quick scan and toss it the nearest garbage bin. Like any other week day, there was some guy handing out fliers. However this time this flier really caught my eye.

It said Tapa King in Singapore. It got me excited!

I was about to be disappointed when I saw it was in Lau Pa Sat. But then of course I wondered why there were handing it out in Tampines. True enough there is a branch at the Century Square too!!

Tapsilog is the main entree of this food joint as aptly suggested by the name. This dish is very popular in the Philippines.

It is so ubiquitous in the Manila area and even in the provinces.My brother has a small restaurant serving Tapsilog too. His modest restaurant which started only last year is located near our high school and our housing subdivision. The dish is a hit especially for students on a budget. Back home a tapsilog meal with soup would cost probably around 2-4 SGD at popular restaurants. At my brother's snack shack I think its only 45 pesos or 1.50 SGD and it sometimes comes with a drink or some chicken soup.

Tapsilog is one of my favorite meals because it is delicious and cheap. I wouldnt say the same for the price here in Singapore. The meal I had was $6.50 which is more than the usual going rate Im willing to pay. But Im not really complaining. I understand that the Tapa King owners probably have to bear a lot of overhead costs. In short it will be difficult for them to offer it at a price at par with most hawker food. I just hope they are here to stay!

Here are some photos I took while waiting for my order (sorry camera phone, poor resolution)

You can see from the photo that there was quite a line. It was like that at lunch time and when I went back there around 7PM after my shift.

When I was in college I would go to Tapa King weekly because there is an outlet near my university. I like their food so much that sometimes I would eat there every day during school days. The price is good and the food is great.

Im really happy that Tapa King is finally here in Singapore. Im not really disappointed of the seeming steep price. I find it reasonable. Also after that lunch I had today, all I can think about is payday! I cant wait to go back next week!

Oh I had take away for my hubby too and he loved it!=)

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