Apr 24, 2010

Daily thoughts - going to the library

I will be going to the library today to get some peace and make myself focus and finish my damn book. I have barely 4 days before an upcoming exam. We have been busy for the past few weeks getting things ready for our cats to be relocated to the Philippines. Aside from that, we will also be moving out because our current home has been sold to another family. Its kinda sad thinking about it because this is the best place I have stayed at during my 3 years in Singapore. The Singaporean family we live with are wonderful. We have also found a new friend with their Indonesian help. But it is time to move on. Like I told Nuri, we will always have facebook and gmail.

So Im under time constraint to get the book finished and also to make sure all our shit is ready before we head home.

My cats will be living in the Philippines starting May. I on the other hand, will be having my very much needed 3 week vacation.

Im looking forward to it. For now I have to get ready to go to the library.

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