May 1, 2010

Daily thoughts - on moving out, exams, vacation

It s the start of new month! In a few days we will be leaving for a much awaited vacation. Well things have been working out great the past few weeks. Although Ive been wasted because of a chronic lack of sleep, Im very grateful for the turn of events. First is I passed that exam I studied for roughly 5 days. I wrote an entry a few days ago complaining about it. It was one helluva week! I went to the library on the weekends and during my requested leave day. I also stayed up all night to cram all the lesson in my head. It was stressful but Im lucky that I did it! Im certain it was not just me in there. It was definitely a miracle. 417 pages, 25 chapters. probably the most boring book ive ever read in my life! Im so relieved its finally over.Hurray!

Well now that that darn exam is out of the way, we are getting ready to move out of our room. We are packing our things and sorting through each item deciding which we will be shipping and what goes in the bin. Its a real pain but its inevitable. we cant waste time and we are really running out of it. Last night I was looking at my things and the room and all I could think was WTF. The room was in chaos. The cats were also freaking out as we took out their cat gym and put it in our huge box to be shipped home. Three years of being a packrat has its repercussions! For the next couple of days I will be on throwing spree! Yup, gotta get rid of more garbage and hoarded stuff.

A few more days and we are outta here!

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