May 3, 2010

Daily thoughts - cat bath time!

(photo source on this link)

We gave our cats a bath last Friday (30.04.10). I was expecting that it was going to be a "bloodbath" (meaning my arms would be full of scratches and bitemarks) but suprisingly it wasnt.

Most of the time, my hubby gives the cat their baths. This time he needed my help because our little family has an additional member Marble. We now have 3 cats in tow! And yes aside from the cat food budget increment, we also have to allot one day each month to give them their baths. I read somewhere though that once in 2 months is okay. Ill keep that in mind for the following months.

The cats were very cooperative. They all had a unique way of welcoming the inevitable. Marble held on to the pipe like a kid while i doused her with the shampoo and water mix. It was very manageable that I did it by myself. The other two cats required me and my hubby's concerted effort. But there was no struggle really. They just whined their hearts out while we shampooed and rinsed them off.

It was so entertaining! After the bath of course was some personal moment with each cat while I toweled them dry and brushed their coat.

They all looked relieved when it was over though. They also licked themselves non stop for probably over an hour. It was like they were not contented with the bath!

Im kinda glad I didnt have to go through something like this one :

Or this one:
(more cat photos on this link )

You can also go to this great site that offers a lot of information on cats and how to give them baths.

This last photo looks a lot like our cat Thumper and my husband's hands! not to mention the tiles look just like the one in our previous bathroom.


  1. The last one looks just like a wingless bat!

  2. wingless bat? or a monkey face? haha


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