Apr 11, 2013

Gastronomic Excursions : The Hummus Place

I ran into a new friend named Nikki yesterday. We chatted for a bit about jobs, weird people,the awesome weather. I havent had lunch at that time yet so we started talking about food. She is from Israel and has a fascinating penchant for handsome men and delicious food (although the word delicious can be used interchangeably here). I was really enjoying our conversation but I felt I was about to drool about our delicious topic (yes, Bradley Cooper and yummy food)so I had to excuse myself to look for something to eat. She recommended I try this place which was not too far from where we live. Its called the Hummus Place. Im not really crazy about hummus per se and since thats the first thing that came to mind, I didnt eagerly consider it. But the way she described how the food tasted made me very curious. So I  met up with the hubby after he came home from school and we decided to give the place a try. 

It is officially spring now (although it felt more like summer) and more  people were out enjoying the very fine weather (82 F outstanding!) clad in skimpy but comfortable looking outfits. Just last week everyone still donned their down jackets, scarves, hats and boots. Now all of a sudden people are in short shorts and cropped tops. I noticed also that bars were streaming with patrons. 

We savored the beautiful day by picking out a fresh restaurant (not new, but something we havent tried yet) which was geographically desirable and highly recommended.

The restaurant is between first avenue and A along St Marks

The ambiance was very inviting. The smell that wafted from the kitchen was mouth watering. We quickly found ourselves a nice spot by the window and scanned the menus. I ordered a mint iced tea and the Shakshuka Halumi. The hubby ordered the Hummus Fava, same drink as mine and a Babaganush.

The wait time was only 8-10 minutes. I didnt really notice because my head was glued to my ereader and I was somewhere in the lands of Westeros.

My reverie was favorably interrupted by the sound of the server's  delightful "and here is your meal :

The gooey thing in the middle is the Babagaganush

My meal 

Shakshuka Halumi

The hubby's meal 
Hummus Fava
1) QUALITY (ie DELICIOUSNESS) : It was really very good. The consistency, flavor and the "symphony" of the combined taste was amazing. I could even commit to being a vegetarian if every meal was as great as the one I just had.

2) PORTION SIZE : I was satisfied with my meal. I couldve gotten an additional flat bread but the serving was sufficient to hold me over until midnight.

3) BANG FOR FOR YOUR BUCK : On this side of the city, the going rate for very good meals are usually 7USD up. Sometimes they even ask for more but the meal is crappy. The Hummus Place prices are very reasonable.


Although the lady server did ask us if we wanted more flat bread while she saw me trying to wipe out clean the bowl of babaganush, I did find it odd that we were served only one flat bread each. The interesting thing was the lady sitting next to us, had 2 flat breads in her basket. Or maybe the flat bread is only for one of our orders and the  server offering us more is complimentary. I honestly dont know. It doesnt even matter because the overall experience was splendid. We will definitely go back very soon.

YUM YUM METER VERDICT : Excellent, excellent, excellent

The yumminess didnt end here though. We capped off our chow experience with something a little sweet and salty. 

oh yes that is the name
I have to write a separate post about how good the icecream is at this place. Oh and by the way, they have a painting of a huge Unicorn on their wall. They also have a little unicorn inflatable toy and a unicorn toy with an action figure on the saddle. Im not kidding.

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