Jul 6, 2013

Daily thoughts - 2nd FOJ and happy times at home

Celebrated Fourth of July yesterday with family. Lots of good food and I also cooked some pancit because its Mom's special request. We also took home some left overs and thats good news coz I dont have to cook for a couple of days at least. Yey for that. I love to cook and I have been doing that almost everyday since we moved to the new place. But the temperature in my kitchen is just going to make me melt. Too hot this Summer! But yeah it is nice to go visit family at such an occasion. We did'nt get to stick around too long because we had to hurry home to our girls and make sure they havent suffered from heatstroke.

Its been so hot the past few days that  even with all our fans on (2 tiny flippi, one lasko tower fan, one compact fan) plus our portable ac running it is not even enough. We have this wallclock that has an additional feature and it picks up the temperature of the room, and also there is the window fan that takes the one outside. Thats how we are able to tell whether there is any slight improvement with all the fans blasting at the same time. Sad to say it has only improved the temperature by a notch or two. Fail. too late to return the damn thing. We already discarded the box for the portable ac. Besides I cant imagine hauling that huge piece of shit on the subway again.

Cats are getting agitated over the insane heat

Dapper walked and plopped herself in front of the fan

Thumper and Dapper 
I have to put ice cubes in their water bowl everyday too to alleviate their discomfort.

But other than that though the four of us are all doing great and are having a marvelous time at our new apartment. We are still in the process of moving stuff from storage to our new home and getting things in order in terms of organizing where to put which. Its like the fun and games doesnt seem to end! We are always running around getting things done. Im not complaining like it is that exasperating. In fact Im enjoying our home improvement sessions a lot. Its just that the whole process is a little addicting like we want to get more stuff to make our place comfortable. Not that it isnt now. We basically have everything we need, but im forever finding trinkets and cool furniture that I think would look awesome in our apartment. I think I should stop looking at Pinterest! hehe we kind of joke about it because we think older people get excited over such things. Even the simplest addition like coasters, fridge magnets and the like make us jump in glee! well the jump part is exaggerated but everytime we do pick up a package at the lockbox at Gristedes, we are always crazy excited.

Here are my new magnets=)

And our new coasters :

Needless to say, Im a fan of George RR Martin=). Also here is another item I got for the closet door:

Dapper wanted to photobomb the poster
There are a few more cute stuff I got but I havent had the time to upload photos.

I am truly loving it here at our new home. Plus I discovered this delicious cake called Tres Leches at the bakery a few blocks away . The cake means 3milk. To me its 3 layers of deliciousness.

Here is a beautiful view of the Washington bridge during one of our daytime strolls:

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