Jul 15, 2013

Daily thoughts - Commendable customer service from PETCO

We recently adopted a yorkie who was abandoned by its owner. I will share more photos about him in a future post but for now I want to share an exceptional service I received from one of my favorite pet stores here. When we adopted our new baby Gummy bear last Thursday, we decided to immediately head over to petco to pick up items for him. I have never had a small dog live in a tiny apartment before so I didnt know what I had to get. Back in the Philippines, we had a bigger house and a carport to accommodate the many pets that lived with us. The dogs usually slept in the carport and had a leash or was in a kennel. Ive never had a toy dog before. I decided to take in Gummy bear because of his pitiful state after seeing his photo. A good friend of mine posted a photo on his facebook wall and when I saw it, I was just overwhelmed with sadness thinking whats gonna happen to the dog if he didnt get adopted.  I feared that pets like him might have a hard time getting a potential fosterer/adopter considering his age and other vulnerabilities associated with senior dogs. I decided to take the plunge but I was not quite prepared to actually bring him home and provide him with his basic necessities on the same day. 

Me and the hubby got a little crazy when we got to petco. we started grabbing whatever we thought was necessary from the dog section. wee wee pads, brush, toys, bowls, harness, tag, retractable leash, wet ones etc., Since we were there I also thought of getting the cats their wetfood and new ceramic bowls.For some reason, the counter at petco at union square didnt seem to have a display to show the prices as they were being entered in the system. Our bill rang up to $230 usd. I have never purchased anything for myself that was that much so I was taken a little aback with the hefty tag. But then again I reminded myself the items we got are for the long term use of our new furry friend. 

When I got home, i checked the receipt and discovered that we were charged 3x for one of the items. So i got on my computer and emailed Petco right away. I politely expressed my disappointment and my hesitation to go all the way to union square to have the amount credited back to me. I received a reply the following day from them. 

Dear Mam,

We are sorry to hear about your recent experience with our store at 860 Broadway, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

At Petco, we strive to give every customer a fun and friendly shopping experience every time they visit one of our stores. I'm sorry to hear about the not so positive experience you had in this location. I assure you that I have already shared your concern to the appropriate department for immediate resolution. We are always investigating new features for our stores and rest assured your comments are sincerely appreciated so that we can continue to improve.

 I reviewed our records and it shows that you currently have two (2) * reward coupon/s which you can use next time you shop online or at your local Petco. To get your next $5 reward coupon you would still need $*** worth of purchase.
 Also, we have verified that you have earned three (3) $* Pals Reward coupons which have expired. Clearly, you are a valued customer and as such, we have re issued the expired coupons so you and your pet can enjoy shopping at Petco. I also added points on your Pals reward account for the extra charged on your debit card and it will generate additional two (2) $* reward coupons.  Pals Rewards coupons are valid for 45 days upon issuance. Please allow 24-48 hours for coupons to be generated.
To print your rewards online, all you need to do is to log in at www.petco.com with your email address and password. Just click on the My Account Home and under Pals Rewards click on the Pals Rewards Status to view the coupons. Enjoy shopping with your Pals Rewards.
For further assistance, please feel free to reply to this email or call us at 1-888-824-Pals (7257).

Customer Relations Coordinator

Healthier Pets. Happier People. Better World.
Petco values your insights, so please tell us how we are doing on our customer service survey.

I was totally impressed at how efficient and professional they handled my concern. They went above the usual kind of service I have been accustomed to in this country. Because of this I will always get my pet supplies from this store.

Thank you PETCO!

and I think it wasnt just me who was happy!

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